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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here – Week 1

June 07, 2009 06:16 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! on NBC is one of those shows that I begrudgingly started watching per my editor’s request and now I am super hooked. Thanks a lot Christine! I don’t know why I didn’t watch it before, but for some reason, I was unsure of the premise originally. I guess you could call it a cross between Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice, for those keeping score at home. Maybe they should just call it Survivor Apprentice and be done with it. Anyway, the show is hosted by Damien Fahey and Myleene Klass and is on Monday thru Thursday nights and has celebs competing for various charities, winning money according to the amount of time they stay in the jungle. Here at RTVM, we will be covering it nightly, but for the first week, you get a recap of the week.

The celebs participating are Lou Diamond Phillips, Spender Pratt, Heidi Pratt, Janice Dickinson, John Salley, Stephen Baldwin, Torrie Wilson, Sanjaya Malakar, Angela v. Shelton and Frances Callier (comedy team called, Frangela) and Patti Blagojevich, the wife of the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.

Night 1 had us getting used to the celebrities as they were paired off into teams of Yellow and Red teams, which meant nothing by the end of the day as it became women vs men for the duration of the week, at least for challenges for food and whatever.

im-a-celebrity-hosts Damien and Myleene

Some key incidents that made me laugh and puke all at the same time; First, Frangela. I had never heard of the comedy duo, but by the end of day 1, I was in love with the funny ladies. They had valuable insights into the day with a comic flair that truly had me laughing. Sanjaya, Well I was prepared to be irritated with him, but I am liking the young man more and more each day. Janice Dickinson, what can I say? She was best described later by Patti Blagojevich as “A crazy Aunt you put up with” which was pretty astute and right on. Hey, Patti, let me take care of the comedy here, OK?

The rest of the celebs were pretty even-keeled until we get to the Pratts. Spencer and Heidi Pratt of “The Hills” fame on MTV. Since I am not a MTV watcher, I had no clue as to who they were. (You kids, get off my lawn!) And I was totally unaware that they were the…, let’s see, how did Spencer put it? Oh, yes, “The biggest stars on the planet.” The only planet I can possibly think this to be true is Uranus.


Anyway, day 1 was pretty focused on the Pratts and how they were so famous that they were too good to be in the company of the other celebs. They quit and even called NBC executive, Ben Silverman, to tell him that the other celebs were “Devaluing” their fame. (See Uranus reference). Them quitting would turn out to be one time of many. I was begging for them to go.

Spencer was such a whack-job that he totally flipped when Heidi’s shampoo labels were torn off when the other celebs thought they had left for good (the second time) and took her shampoo and defaced the bottles. (This is what happens when MTV reality folks mix with, well, the rest of us.) Heidi was crying, for about the twentieth time about her shampoo and called the camp site a ‘Prison.”


It was men against women for the first food challenge and the celebs all had to eat nasty stuff. You know typical survivor-type of stuff moving bugs and disgusting internal organs of some animals. The men pulled it out and won dinner while the ladies had to eat beans and rice. After the challenge, which Heidi actually did pretty well at, she said she had never had anything so disgusting in her mouth. Ok, that is way to easy, just insert you own joke here, I will wait.

After the challenge, Spencer asked Patti Blagojevich about the trials and tribulations of her husband and she came off as a pretty cool lady after that. In a touching scene that almost had me changing my mind about the Pratts, the pair prayed with Patti. A pretty decent moment, as reality TV goes.

In a leadership trial, the guys chose Lou Diamond to square off against Janice for the ultimate prize of Camp Leader. Janice threw it to Lou and he was the designated leader for the remainder of the week.


At the end of our day 1, the trauma tank was on tap for the celebs as they were to be placed into a tank, strapped to a board and have various critters; bugs, snakes and the sorts, released onto their heads and bodies. Of course, the Pratts sat out because of the “Too famous” thing once again, and Sanjaya outlasted the bunch of them for fame and glory. Actually, Sanjaya won immunity for the men so America was now faced with eliminating one of the girls by week’s end.

Night 2 had Lou getting a comfy bed as camp leader and Spencer and Heidi being appointed, of course with the usual drama attached to the Pratts, as representatives for the food challenge. When I said I might be changing my mind about the Pratts, well I’m not. Spencer said that he didn’t care about winning any food for the others as he and Heidi were the only two stars in the jungle.


The two were to each to take turns getting stars amidst various creepy, crawly creatures in a dungeon of sorts. Spencer got two stars and Heidi got one, giving the men another tasty dinner to eat. After the competition, Spencer announced that he and Heidi realized that they were just too famous to be doing this kind of competition and announced they were quitting again, what looked to be for real this time.

Heidi wanted Steven Baldwin to baptize Spencer before they left and Stephen did so in the river. Obviously, it did not take as the Pratts tore out of the camp with their high and mighty attitudes still firmly in tack. Sorry, Jesus.

Our host, Damien and Myleene, entered the camp to tell the man that they were to pick a woman that they thought deserved to be free of the possibility of elimination during the first week. Without any hesitation, the men picked Patti Blagojovich, which seemed to be a decision even hailed by the ladies as everybody has taken to this pretty classy lady. With that the lines were thrown open for the elimination at the end of week one.


Night 3 had the celebs adjusting to a “Pratt-free” environment but had new opportunities for drama to rear its ugly head with Janice and John Salley going after each other over shampoo, of all things, with John calling Janice some sort of nasty name. Janice lost her mind over it, which was surprising as she was a model and I am sure she has been called many things in her career.

What was strange was when John honestly tried to apologize; Janice would have nothing of it, which eventually sent poor John crying to the cameras. Honestly, I felt quite bad for him as he was vey sincere in trying to mend bridges.

Host Myleene and Damien greeted the celebs for another food challenge that had them each sticking their hands into holes with creatures that were generally unpleasant. Lou Diamond Phillips had the misfortune of going up against rats and managed to get bit enough to require medical attention. Even with all of that, the men pulled off another victory of eating well.


Another big surprise in day three was the arrival of one of the hundred or so other Baldwin brothers, Daniel, as the twelfth celeb in the woods, leaving brother Stephan not quite sure of having big brother, Daniel, there to steal some of his thunder. The ladies all welcomed Daniel, with Janice saying she might “Even be in love.” For gosh sakes, Janice, you two get a straw hut, would ya?

But that was not the biggest surprise of the evening, by any means. Heidi and Spencer wanted to come back. Oh for goodness gracious, stop the insanity! Myleene chatted with the couple and Heidi exclaimed that the devil had gotten into them, more or less, and that they wanted to do it for their charities. Myleene said it was not going to be easy on them as they had to spend a night in the chamber where they failed so miserably during the food challenge and their camp-mates had to approve as well.


Damien was sent to the camp to ask the celebs to vote on whether or not the pair could return and we left it there at the end of night three.

Night 4 had us back where we left off with the celebs chatting about the Pratts and we never got a clear indication as to which way they were leaning. Lou Diamond was leaning towards them not retuning whole Janice was leading the charge for them to return.

A quick montage of Daniel Baldwin’s adaptive nature was highlighted as he quickly endeared himself to everyone in the camp and he and his brother, Steven, bonded. Daniel was quickly chosen with John Salley against Patti and Torrie Wilson to compete in the nest food challenge. The girls were desperate for a victory as they were tired of eating beans and rice all week.


The challenge was dragging foam blocks that were set up in a cube, from one side of a big mud swamp to the other side and then were to be reassemble. A challenge definitely suited for the ladies, but the men pulled it out in the end.

With the ladies seemingly struggling, America was going to get to pick the next pair who would compete for food in some tank of horror, or something like that.

Finally , we get to the elimination and we find out that “Crazy Aunt Janice” was safe as was Francis, leaving the decision between Angela and Torrie. I can’t even believe America kept Janice as she had been totally useless the entire week, not to mention rude and crude as she was prone to spit everywhere she went.


At the end, we said goodbye to half of the comedy duo of Frangela as we saw Angela hit the rope bridge home. It really was too bad as the ladies supplied an immense amount of comedy relief during each episode, not that crazy aunt Janice did not even thought she was unaware she was doing so.

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  1. johnnystorm Says:
    June 7th, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Heidi and Spence are just as childish as the

    Your show is aimed at the mentally retarded.

    I sat down with a friend to watch this and could not take the whole episode.

    It truely sucks.

    Here is hoping your show is cancelled.


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