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Here Come The Newlyweds: Sex, Shopping, and Communication

June 08, 2009 10:20 PM by Britteny Elrick


It’s down to seven couples competing against each other to win the final prize on Here Come The Newlyweds.  Each week, the newlyweds add more money to the pot through tasks that will challenge how well they know one another.  Tonight the couples will be tested on listening and communication, and they will also be getting a lesson in tantric sex.  Oh, boy.  So much to discuss.  And just when you think you know who’s going home, there’s a revelation so shocking that it almost shakes the fake plants off the deck. 

The Corlisses are not hiding the fact that they are pissed off from being in the bottom two last week.  I believe the exact words were something I probably can’t repeat and they also mention that a lot of the couples are full of crap.  Pat greets the newlyweds and tells them their first competition will be a question and answer game.  Pat will ask each couple a question and they both have to reveal the same answer.  The questions are something that has happened in the course of their relationship, such as: what was the first gift you gave your husband?  They win $35k in total.


Does anyone else know a better way to start the day then a lesson in tantric sex?  The “tantric healer” tells them that she is going to help them find their own “orgasmicness?”  They all lay on the floor and she has them breathe in while imagining a waterfall passing through them.  The Iengs are just making fun of themselves  because the instructor tells them to breathe with their stomachs.  Seriously, love them.  The McMorrises just aren’t buying any of this tantric crap.


Later on, the couples still have sex on their minds and of course, most of them focus their energy on making the Hinkins uncomfortable.  In the morning, Pat takes the troops on a field trip.  They arrive at a hardware store, where the men will have to describe a list of items to their wives over the phone, and she must find them.  The elimination challenge is a test of listening and communication.  The top two couples are the Hinkins and the Huffmans, but the Huffmans win the task.  Then Pat throws a curveball that no one saw coming – he tempts them with $20k!  After deep contemplation, they decide that the money would be a death sentence and don’t take it.


At the bbq that night, some of the ladies start gossiping about who should go home.  Mrs. Hinkins says that she thinks the Iengs have no depth to their relationship.  Oh, no she didn’t, that beotch.  P.S. You’re lame.  When Pat talks to the couples, most of them are very conflicted.  The Coxes follow the same pattern as last week and vote the Corlisses out.  The Hinkins are split between the Corlisses and the Iengs.  The Newberys vote the Coxes out because they feel that Mr. Cox is just out to impress people and lacks sincerity.

Pat calls up the bottom two couples: Corlisses and Coxes.  Who would have thought, the Corlisses are saved again and the Coxes are sent home.

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