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I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Episode 5

June 08, 2009 09:25 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! left us Thursday with half of the “Frangela” comedy team being sent packing, the Fran half, and the ongoing drama of Spencer and Heidi wanting to come back to the camp. While the lovely hostess, Myleene, talked with the Bratts, I mean, Pratts, Damien was sent to ask the celebs if they even wanted them back. Tonight we will see how that all plays out, but suffice it to say, it seems if the Pratts are involved, there is always a controversy and who America decided for the challenge in the horrifying tank of water with bugs and stuff. That is so my name for it.

Since learning that the Pratts had to spend time in the torture chamber, supposedly Heidi was taken to the hospital with a stomach-ache. There were even tweets going around that Heidi said she was tortured for three days. When will the insanity ever end with these two? Answer: When we don’t have to see them anymore. So here is hoping that the celebs don’t want them back.

The Pratts torture chamber escapade is on view for much of the show as we see the spoiled kids try to act their way back onto the show and the celebs all had input as to if the Pratts would make it. Torrie had a funny when she said that she doubted that Heidi would be eating bugs if she could eat better somewhere else. Torrie added that she was not so willing the Pratts come back if they were to continue in their lazy ways.


The next morning the talk centered on whether the Pratts made it through the night. Unfortunately for us all, they did and the duo headed back to camp genuinely happy, it appeared, to see everyone. In all of the excitement, Heidi started to sing and my cat began scratching to go out.

Janice made the mistake of saying that Heidi sounded like a drowning cat and that sent Spencer back into the depths of hell as he started to go after Janice. Hey, wasn’t she one of his most strident supporters? Anyway, either Stephen Baldwin will have to dunk him again or he will get control. We knew everything was OK when Spencer decided not to “Spence out” or “Spencing out”, as he put it. Oh brother, all we need is for him to start taking about himself in the third person.

Francis was highlighted for a bit and you could tell that she was definitely not the same since Angela went home. After talking with Torrie for quite a while and in spite of trying to be cheered up by Sanjaya, Francis decides to quit the show. The way the celebs are dropping here, we won’t make it to week three. Well, there is the constantly shirtless Lou Diamond Phillips; he will probably go all the way. After some comforting from the celebs, Francis is gone.


It’s time for the America Picked ‘em segment and we learned that Sanjaya and Janice would be going up against each other in the tank. Does America want the girls to starve to death here? Janice against Sanjaya? They probably won’t even finish filling the tank before worthless Janice quits.

It pretty well went that way as Janice quite the task in pretty short order giving Sanjaya another food victory for the men. Back at camp, Torrie thought for sure that Janice had won, but I don’t think anyone is that good of an actor. Janice is crying as usual for losing but it was not like she really tried or anything.

More drama with the Pratts as Heidi said that she was not feeling well and Torrie was thinking that Heidi was having a difficult time acclimating to the environment, especially after spending several nights in a posh hotel in the area. After yet another dramatic departure of the Pratts as Heidi is whisked away in an ambulance, everyone feels that this is yet another ploy. But you had to hand it to Sanjaya when he said about Heidi feeling sick to her stomach, “Maybe it’s the devil coming out of her.” OK, Sanjaya is officially on my “He’s a good kid” list. The rest of you kids, really, get of my lawn.


Its time for a new camp leader to be chosen and the celebs are divided into two groups. It boils down to an outlast situation where the winner of each group will face off against each other. Torrie, Sanjaya and John square off and Torrie could not stomach the worms and quits. Tough Sanjaya ends up beating John Salley and earns the fist slot in the camp leader role.

In the first bit about the charities, the celebs talked about the various charities they wer playing for and you cold see that their were some very passionate about who they were playing for.

The talk turned back to the Pratts and all agreed that they, especially Heidi, were just not cut out for it jungle life. Finally some good news was announce when Lou Diamond Phillips announced that the Pratts were gone for good. Now that is something to thank the Lord for.


Dinner time arrived and, as usual, the men rebelled and gave food to the girls but debated on whether to share in the future.

The next live immunity challenge was upon us and this one was called, “Hang Tough.” Host Damien says he thinks Torrie could do well at this task she said she was not sure and the celebrities were then in place for the task. Of course, the winner will be the last person hanging and unless Torrie can pull it out for the ladies, another one of them will probably be leaving on Thursday and the show left as hanging as well as we will find out next time who won.

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