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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Here’s To The Sex We Used To Have

June 09, 2009 08:35 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the minute Dean wraps filming on his movie they pack up the troops and head to Canada for Tori’s appearance on Smallville. Of course, that doesn’t happen until after a dramatic scene at the airport, where they almost miss the last flight to Vancouver.The entire weekbecomes increasingly difficult asPatsyis off for the weekend, and Liam starts having thermo-nuclear meltdowns. You mean, they have to handle it like families in real life?

Dean takes Liam to the motorcycle show, in hope of beginning his obsession at a young age,thus, dooming his future wife. Meanwhile, Patsy goes with Tori to take a psych test in preparation for her weight loss surgery. The doctor tells Tori to prepare herself that Patsy could possibly die during the procedure. Tori tears up, and Patsy decides to consult with her family.


Dean is excited to wrap up filming on his movie, and Tori brings the kids to surprise him onhis last day. They talk about working on movies together in the future because they hate being apart. The next day, they pack up the troops and head to Vancouver to film Tori’s guest appearance on Smallville. Of course, they arrive to the airport late, due to kid drama, and they are told they might miss their flight.


[insert dramatic commercial break]

They don’t. It’s Stella’s first flight, and Tori is nervous, considering she already hates flying. When they arrive, Tori attempts to finish a chapter of her book, while managing the kids, and working on Smallville. Liam starts having “thermo-nuclear meltdowns” nearly making it impossible for them to get anything done.

Tori gets up at 5 a.m. to go to set and she’s a bit rusty when it comes to remembering lines.Meanwhile, Dean takes the troops to the aquarium. Dean is super excited about seeing the blue whales, but Liam cuts the trip short with another meltdown. Later on, Tori calls Dean from the set and tells him the dates collide with her Huggies appearance in New York and her guest spot on 90210.


After Tori wraps shooting for the day, her and Dean have a date night. Tori talks about how sad she was to miss the family outing to the aquarium and he tells her that it wasn’t that fun. Dean brings up the fact that he’s always horny, and Tori lets out a huge sigh. Dean reminds her of the promises that they made when they met and how their honeymoon phase would never end. Tori tells him that men and women just differ on their idea of a healthy sex life. And women everywhere said: AMEN.

The next day, Dean and the kids go to visit Tori at the set. Immediately, Liam slaps Tori in the face… um, hello Dean, a little discipline? While Tori is filming, Dean gets a call on another movie offer, which would also film in Canada and would start in two weeks. He tells Tori and she flips out.


When she wraps filming, they head to Whistler for a small vacation. They all go out to dinner, and Patsy tells them that her family supports her getting the lap band. Tori and Dean take the kids out to experience snow for the first time. Tori is a little freaked to try snowboarding – as she should be – because she sucks.


Afterwards, they go on a family sleigh ride, which reminds the couple of their first sleigh ride, when Dean proposed. Tori gets the call that 90210 starts filming in 5 days… and they are excited, yet have no idea how they are going to juggle everything in their schedules. Some things never change.

Be sure to catchthe new episode of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which airs on Oxygen onTuesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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