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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Week 2 Eliminates One More

June 11, 2009 08:58 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was funny how they said all last week that the show was on every night except , well, this week. But Hockey could not keep our celebs from their appointed rounds.With the hanging celebs still fresh in our minds, it looked as though the girls were being represented well with Torrie the last girl standing, I mean hanging, but she was no match for Lou and Sanjaya in the end as she dropped out realizing that they probably more in them. Lou proved once again that he had more than the spunky Sanjaya and won immunity for himself for the next America’s vote. Instead of just girls against guys, everyone was up for being voted off except Lou.

Daniel Baldwin said he though Torrie was safe for another week because she did better than the girls, which is never a great defense and usually causes jealousy from fans of others in the competition.

Just when you thought it was safe to think the Pratts or any member of the Pratt’s family was not going to be in the jungle, in pops Heidi’s sister, Holly, to make a splash with the jungle crew. Janice immediately decides to become her bestest buddy ever and the other campers roll their eyes at how Janice is like a vulture.


Another food trial hits us square between the eyes and, in a way, we are hoping the girls get to eat soon because I swear Janice turned sideways and all we saw are her lips, but I was having trouble with the cable.

Janice and Holly play pretty tough for the girls with Lou in a dead heat with four stars collected in the challenge, The tie-breaker was to see who was the fastest to get their star and newcomer, Holly, retrieved her star in seventeen seconds giving the girls their first decent meal in a week.

Patti’s story of her husband’s political trials was brought front and center once again and Torri and Patti were seen really bonding over the situation.

At the girls first eating in a week, Torrie said she felt bad about not letting the boys eat with them, although we have seen the guys eat great for over a week. Just enjoy it Torrie, you may not win another one this week. Torrie still was not done as she did her fair share of complaining when Janice was a real hog at dinner. Man, that Janice is a trip!


Back at camp, the celebs were doing more personal bonding as they were all revealing personal pivotal moments of their lives. After all of the sad stories that made us love them all so very much and give them money for their charities, we see the celebs griping about Janice and how irritating she is. How is she going to stay another week, America? How, in God’s name, how?

In the next trail, Torrie and Patti were pared against John and Stephen in a task called the “Lumberjack Saw” which has them sawing through a log, solving a math problem which allowed them access to yet another star. Girls were on a roll as Patti and Torrie were unstoppable and won the second food challenge in a row. But what the girls thought was a food challenge, was only a luxury challenge and gave the girls some lousy granola bars, which promptly had Janice stealing one and then denying that she did. I take it back, America, keep her in. She is just too whacky to go home.

The host went into camp for a confab and tells Lou that he gets to pick two campers to talk to their loved ones. He picked Daniel and Pattie.

Our Thursday installment started with Janice being generally nasty to just about everyone, but especially the Baldwin boys, which is a shocker as she was so in love with Daniel when he arrived.


We were then treated to all of the insect bites that the celebs had gotten since being in the jungle and it was touching as we saw the celebs putting ointment on each other. OK, it was not touching; in fact, it was way too much touching going on. But it was funny seeing all of the bites on them.

The next challenge was for food once again and Sanjaya and Holly were going shopping. As soon as they got to the shopping area, they learned that they would be pushing a shopping cart seventy feet in the air on a cable over a river.

Sanjaya was the first to go after his items in the three minutes allotted and was able to pick nine of the ten items in his shopping cart. Holly took over the line and managed a measly five items, giving the boys another tasty dinner.

The next bonding session was the celebs talking about how they got involved in acting and it was all going great until Janice started talking and it evidently went on for hours as the celebs all looked so very bored as the fade ins and fade-outs had her looking like she went on for hours.


Damien and Myleene were in to tell the celeb s which ones were safe for another week. Lou was automatically safe and Sanjaya, Torrie, Holly, Crazy Janice (Thank you, America) and Stephen were safe with him, leaving John, Pattie and Daniel in the bottom three.

The celebs had a final meal together before losing another camper and, in yet another bonding session, the campers all talked about what they thought about one another. In the coolest scene, Sanjaya talked about how he admired Lou Diamond Phillips as a father-type. As the dinner was taking place, however, Janice once again bitched about how unfair it was that the boys were eating so great. Wait, didn’t the girls just win a couple of food challenges in a row? Yeah, Crazy Janice is safe another week!


Myleene and Damien were in to say goodbye to one of the bottom three. Myleene announced that Pattie was safe and Damien said that Daniel was going home, in somewhat of a shocker, and while Daniel was saying his goodbyes, Crazy Janice was yelling “Say no to Prop 8″ in the background. Thanks, America, I think. Next week is a new week with her, so we will see.

In the final sendoff, America will vote once again which celebs will compete in the “Tunnel of Terror” but Janice cannot compete due to medical reasons. Oh well, now that would have been fun TV to see her in the tunnel of terror.

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