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So You Think You Can Dance Eliminates Two

June 11, 2009 08:37 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance results show began in its usual style as Cat Deeley introduced the show from her perch high above the action and she got us ready to see the group dance. As the Top 20, soon to be the Top 18, danced, it was clear to see that as a group these dancers are already way ahead from season’s past.

The tall drink of water, Cat Deeley, came out after the routine and got right into the show by introducing the judges from last night, Adam, Mary and Nigel.

Cat did a quick segment to get us ready for the couples who were in trouble by showing us how they all bonded as couples. It is always fun to see the different gross things they do while rehearsing, and any sensual feelings that they might represent on the dance floor, is certainly put to rest when you see them rehearse.


Cat introduced the first three couples;

Kayla and Max; ballroom replay; safe

Randi and Evan; jazz routine; safe

Jeanineand Phillip; hip hop; safe as well…big joke played by Cat as she made as think that they were not safe.

Caitlin and Jason/Bolloywood routine/safe

Ade and Melissa/Contemporary routine/safe

Ashley and Kupono/Dummie routine/safe

Tony and Paris/Hip-Hop/stank, per Nigel/in danger

and finally the last group;

Asuka and Vitolio/Jazz Rouitne/in danger

Janette and Brandon/Foxtrot

Karla and Jonathan/Latin Dance/in danger

Prep for solo dances some good dancers, well, danced great to entertain us a bit as we waited for the solo dancers.


Six solo dancers dance for their life, which I usually don’t think changes a lot about what the judges think about the dancers unless thy really blow. All of the dancers come out for about thirty seconds and never really get critiqed by the judges after they dance.

After the solos, Cat sent the judges off to delberate and Sean Kingston sang something with lots of smoke and shouting on stage.


Cat Deeley said the judges were back at the panel and they started with the girls. Nigel said that Karla was safe but that Asuka and Paris were in trouble. Paris was booted out and Asuka was safe.

The boys suckedin their solos, according to Nigel, and Ade was safe. Johnathan was safe and that meant that Tony was out, our first Hip Hop casualty of the season.

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Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

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