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The Fashion Show: My Clique Is Better Than Yours

June 11, 2009 11:30 PM by Britteny Elrick


And then there were nine. Tonight on The Fashion Show,the designers will get to revisit one of the most wonderfulmemories of high school: cliques! They will have to make an outfit inspired by a major high school clique and the experience will bring some of the designersto tears! Oh high school, how you continue to torture all ofus…

For the Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge, the designers are introduced to Julianna, who is running for student body president. They are to make a graphic T-shirt that will earn her votes, based on a backpack of a particular a clique at the school. The winner will be immune from elimination.


Among the cliques are: thesbians, skaters, jocks, tree-huggers, mean girls, preps, greens, hip-hip dancers, goths, nerds. Julianna chooses the tree-hugger design by Danielle. That’s two weeks in a row for Danielle winning the mini-challenge. Isaac pipes in with some analogy about how cliques follow us all throughout life…blah, blah, blah… just tell us the challenge already!


The designers are to make an outfit for a 20-something woman, which is inspired by their clique. Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad. Well…then he tells them it has to be done by tomorrow! Merlin is worried that his idea of a “mean girl” won’t be the same as anyone else’s. My question is, how many different types of mean are there? James-Paul has a bit of an emotional revelation about how he is proving to the world [and old high school friends] why he wants to be in fashion.

When Kelly and Isaac stop by, they question Merlin’s design and he also has a breakdown. He’s just so confused about what MEAN is! Reco’s theme was appropriately: drama. They aren’t impressed with Johnny’s leggings, as Isaac said they were big enough to fit him.


It’s the day of The Fashion Show, and Anna is up first. She designs a black pantsuit with dark purple shirt that laced up the back, which was for the Goths. Reco’s theme was drama, and he designed an empire waisted cream dress. It was flowy and beautiful but much too short. James-Paul designed for the preppies, and his model came out in some Gossip Girl-esqueriding pants with high stockings and a plain sweater. Merlin’s mean girl garment had a lot of pink and was a little on the saucy side. Haven’s skater outfit was capri style pants with spikey boots and a ruffly top bearing a midriff. Um, last time I saw a skater they were in converse and a hoodie.

Lidia designed for the nerds and she did a jumper using the colors of the American flag. Johnny had the jock look and he gave his model a weird looking shirt with some fringy capri pants. Daniella’s tree-hugger design was a bunch of earth toned layered clothing. It looked very GAP. Angel was to design for the “B-girls” and she had no idea what that was. She made some outfit that just looked 80′s-tastic.


At the judging, the two top designs were Haven’s not-so-skater look, and Merlin’s confused-mean girl look. Merlin has the winning design and he bursts with joy. The first thing he relishes in is the look on Daniella’s face. Ugh, Merlin – that’s so mean!

The worst designs were Johnny’s jock and Angel’s B-girl. This is the second week in a row for Angel. Kelly tells her that someone said “this designer knows nothing about hip-hop style.” She also added that she was insulted by her lack of knowledge of the culture. Angel explains that she was from Indiana where there are no “B-girls,” but then Isaac tells her they have MTV in India. Then everyone else chimes in and they all start throwing darts at her.Or arrows. Whatever it was- it was painful. Johnny actually said he was happy that 10% of the audience liked his design. Maybe Johnny needs a math lesson.


As the judges are deliberating, Reco is getting pissed that Johnny seems so nonchalant. He’s also upset that he wasn’t in the top two. Then all of the designers get into a fight with Reco over his attitude, which was deserved. When the judges come back they tell Angel… [everyone in unison] they’re just not buying it. Johnny lives to design another day.

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2 Responses to “The Fashion Show: My Clique Is Better Than Yours”

  1. bead1212 Says:
    June 14th, 2009 at 10:09 am

    The “skater” look doesn’t even comes NEAR a skate influence. Obviously the audience were moronic fashionistas who have their heads up their derrieres.

    I don’t understand how this is an “updated” look for a skater girl in her twenties. I have been wearing skate/punk influenced fashion for almost fifteen years (i’m 26) and you could not PAY ME to wear Haven’s ensemble. Granted, I enjoy getting classy/chic on occasion, but this is NOT the direction i would ever take my style.

    I doubt i will tune into this program again.

  2. Britteny Elrick Says:
    June 18th, 2009 at 10:33 am

    I agree with you bead! I didn’t see anything that resembled a skater look in that entire outfit!


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