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The Bachelorette: Preview For Monday June 15, 2009

June 14, 2009 01:09 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last week was a very dramatic episode of The Bachelorettewhen Jillian Harris found out that some of the guys were not on the show for the right reasons. She was told by a few of the bachelors that some of the men even had girlfriends back home, but when Chris Harrison confronted them at the rose ceremony, nobody fessed up. If you missed that episode, we havethe recapfor you. Find out what’s going to happen this week, when Jillian takes the guys on a getaway to Whistler…

According to Realitytvsoup.com:

Jillian, still stunned by the revelation that some of the men may have girlfriends, is determined not to let it destroy her strong feelings for the remaining ten bachelors. She brings them to one of her favorite Canadian vacation spots, the resort town of Whistler, to find out if the rumors are true. On an exciting one-on-one zip-trekking date that leads to a truly romantic evening, Jillian has some very serious questions to pose to this bachelor. Rose or no rose? The Bachelorette takes eight men on an exhilarating snowmobiling adventure – again, still questioning if any of these guys has someone waiting for him at home. But she seems to be the only one who isn’t aware that one man is not there for the right reasons. The spectacular beauty on the top of a glacier is the backdrop for the final individual date. A playful day in the snow leads to a steamy night in the hot tub. But in a shocking surprise, one man discloses something to Jillian that totally devastates her.

Whistler, British Columbia, a popular mountain resort involved in hosting the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics, is the setting for a heart-stopping zip-trekking adventure for Jillian and one of the bachelors. She having a fabulous time, but over a dinner in the wine cellar of a romantic restaurant, she peppers him with some sobering questions about whether he is really ready for love and marriage, and if he has a girlfriend. His answers will determine whether there is a rose in his future.

Eight bachelors join Jillian for a breathtaking day of snowmobiling to a remote mountain lodge. As gorgeous scenery flashes by, the Bachelorette continues to worry about the possibility that one of the men has secretly kept a girlfriend at home. During the group date, Jillian questions each man to decide who sincerely wants a relationship with her and who does not. There is one thing for certain: One bachelor has his own agenda and is not there for Jillian, but when will she catch on?

The last bachelor here accompanies Jillian on a panoramic ski plane ride to the top of a glacier, where gorgeous scenery flashes by, the Bachelorette continues to worry about the possibility that one of the men has secretly kept e the couple is mesmerized by the spectacular beauty. The two spend the day playing in the snow and, as night falls, they steam up the hot tub. Another rose is on the line.

However, the day of the rose ceremony delivers an emotional blow, as one of Jillian’s favorite men drops a bombshell that staggers her. But at the end of the night, eight men remain to toast Jillian and their upcoming adventures in Canada.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8/7CT.

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