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Here Come The Newlyweds: Operation Screaming Children

June 15, 2009 11:25 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Here Come The Newlyweds, the couples will be faced with one ofthe biggestchallenges that can make or break a marriage: children. They willbe throwing a carnivaland must come up with a successful game ideathat tons of screaming kids on sugar highswill love.As the pot builds upto over a quarter million dollars, one couple will be tempted with $25k in exchange for their safety. After hanging out atthe bottom for two straight weeks, willit finally be the end for the Corlisses?Or will they just have a mental breakdown because they realize that everyone hates them?

Pat greets the couples with their first question and answer challenge. They end up gaining an extra $50k, which brings them to a quarter million dollars.Then he tells them that tomorrow’s elimination challenge will start today! [insert dramatic commercial break] Each couple is going to runa booth in tomorrow’s carnivaland must go shopping for supplies at a flea market. They must come up with a game that the kids will like because whomever makes the most money will win immunity.


The Corlisses immediately come up with doing fake tattoos for the boys and neon braids for the girls. Shocker. The Iengs can’t seem to decide on one idea and then they get distracted by the funnel cakes. Shocker. The Huffmans are arguing because she wants to buy goldfish for prizes and he thinks that’s ridiculous. The McMorrises can’t figure anything out, and the Hinkins go straight for the stuffed animals.


Later at the nightly bbq, the couples discuss when Mrs. Huffman said “let’s get rid of some dead weight” at last week’s elimination. She tried to make it very clear that it was a joke (although it wasn’t) but most of the couples aren’t buying it and her hubby is very concerned they are going home. He may just be a genius.

In the morning, it’s the day of the fake carnival. The couples are given a plain white stand and are told to paint and decorate it as they choose. The temperature is rising, and so is the tension. Mark Corliss is spending way too much timetrying to turn his stand into a Picasso masterpiece, and his wife islike, seriously? The Newberrys are having a hard time communicating because she just gets quiet when things bother her, buthe wants to talk it out. She could be the only woman on earth that suffers from an over-talkative husband.


Finally, thegates are openand the kidspour in like a herd of starving cattle. The Huffmans have a basketball type game, and the Iengs have a coin toss. The McMorrises have a dance contest, until their cd starts skipping. The Hinkins are raking it in and have a shoot-2-winball toss game, while offering free candy. TheCorlisses had the worst, inefficientidea ever by helping the kids pick out fake tattoos and then applying them. The Newberrys have a steady stream of kids and it seems as though they might have won.


Not surprisingly, the Corlisses come in last place, but the Hinkins win the challenge. As you might have guessed, they are given $25k as bait. The first time they won a challenge it was only $15k,so this time around they are really confused, but they choose safety. First, Pat calls down the Corlisses, whoseem to bepermanently in the bottom two, and the Huffmans. And as it turns out, Brenden was correct: his wife’s mouth and not-so-funny jokesgot them eliminated. Peace out Huffmans.

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