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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here At Least Chooses A New Leader

June 15, 2009 08:06 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! begins week three, sans Daniel Baldwin, who spent only a week in the jungle and leaving his brother, Stephen, back in the “I’m the only Baldwin around for miles” spot once again. With Janice Dickenson not being able to perform challenges due to medical reasons, we can’t wait to see her once again lying around spitting and generally getting on everyone’s last nerve.

A quick recap of the entrance of Holly Montag, Heidi’s sister, into the game, and all of the shenanigans that the darned celebs find themselves throughout the week was spotlighted and we opened with a tropical storm keeping the Host, Damien and Myleene, indoors for the evening.

Janice was immediately hacking everyone off by going through Daniel’s stuff and as soon as the food arrived, Janice immediately started dissing on the recently arrived food and then telling everyone that she cook circles around everyone. Daniel Baldwin already had a funny line when he said, “Having Janice cook would be worse than anything Noah went through in the flood.” America, what were you thinking having her around another week, except for comedy relief. Now it is just getting ugly.


John Salley was being a big baby and wanted to leave because he wanted a bed. Janice made up with John, we thought, but said she was all about having fun and did not want to be loved by John. Janice was once again griping about being a celeb and after this show, it may not be a issue for her.

Luxury trial was on hand and the two chosen between the boys and the girls were, Lou and John and Patti and Torrie for a massage. They had to walk planks while their partners were trying to shorten the planks with wenches. Who ever stayed on the longest, won. Torrie was kicking Lou’s butt with the wench and won the massage for herself and Patti.

Janice announced that she was really very sensitive and told Lou Diamond Phillips that while dating Sly Stalone and another guy, she got pregnant and raised her kids alone. Janice was actually tender for a moment or two as she confided in Lou and it would be great if she just acted that way to begin with.

Lou announced that the celebs were all going to be involved in a scavenger hunt and a prize was to be had by all if they completed in five minutes. The celebs charged into the camp looking for different items and at the end of five minutes, they skirted through with 44 seconds left to have samores delivered for their enjoyment.

John announced that he wanted to leave because he didn’t like the American public deciding his future and didn’t think he could win. Great competitor you are, John Salley. Sanjaya and Janice then got into a bit of a shouting match as Janice was getting on his cooking skills telling him he was way to slow. After encouragement from his campmates, John decided to stay to compete.


Janice was complaining because she could not go number two and it went on for over 3 minutes about her constipation situation and even Patti Blagojevich said that Janice was so up front about it, that Patti’s mom would be horrified if she spoke like that.

Patti and John had a heart-to-heart about her situation with her husband and John Salley was amazing as he tried to comfort her with his words of wisdom.

Myleene and Damien were in to see who America voted of the Tunnel of Terror and Torrie and Sanjaya were pitted against each other for the next food challenge. The duo headed off to compete in the tunnel and they had three minutes to gather as many stars as possible. Sanjaya was in the tunnel first and managed to gather nineteen stars as he dodged the creepy crawling creatures leaving Torrie with a real challenge to beat nineteen. Torrie could not keep up the blistering pace of Sanjaya and the boys were eating great again.


Now, Janice was in real trouble as her inability to relief herself was taking a toll on her and the rest of the celebs were encouraging her to possibly consider leaving. As the day wore on, Janice was throwing up and more and more an finally the medical staff came and got her from the camp and even though she is whacky most of the time, no one wants to see that. After Janice was taken out, more excitement crawled into the camp as the onsite security had to come and extricate a snake from the camp.

Janice crawled back into camp and, believe it or not, she was glad to be back in the jungle with the other campers and it was bitter sweet because, well Janice was back.

The new leadership contest was up and Lou Diamond Phillips was not up for another run at leadership. Janice immediately announced that she was not leadership material, which was one of those “Duhh” moments and the rest were hesitant to compete. A quiz was up for the remaining campers with questions America answered and the new camp leader when it came down to Patti and John, and John Salley won the leadership role and now it looked like Salley was in it to win.


Before the competition, the celebs all sat around sharing who they were friends with in camp and John and Patti bonded together as did Lou and Stephen. Torri chose Stephen, Holly chose Sanjaya and Sanjaya reciprocated with Holly and Janice said she loved everybody.

The immunity challenge was up to end the show for a chance to be in the final week of the competition, but with the elements challenging everyone as well, it was a mystery if the competition would go on. Damien informed the campers that the immunity trial was indeed going on and was waiting for them in the jungle clearing.

As the show ended, the celebs were on route and we had no idea what the immunity challenge was, so what a bummer way to end the show, but hey, we will be back tomorrow for more fun with our celebs.

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