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The Bachelorette: Ed and Mark Leave!

June 15, 2009 07:01 PM by Candace Young


Jillian Harris is still hanging out at Whistler in British Columbia Canada on ABC’s The Bachelorette tonight. Jillian is still excited to be there with the guys, but hasn’t forgotten the drama from the previous night, when it was suggested that one or more of the bachelors may have a girlfriend and/or an agenda. There are 10 men left, and things are getting ‘real’ as jealousy starts to set in. Michael scores the first one-on-one date with Jillian – and yes, it has a title: Come Fly With Me.

Michael the break dancing instructor meets up with Jillian to go zip-lining. Really, this girl has a thing for heights – last week it was the rooftop dates! Jillian goes first, squealing all the way. Michael goes next, and punctuates his trip across the cable with a cheesy comparison between zip-lining and love – ‘you have to jump in, and then fully commit’! To cement the spark of awesomeness, they then do a tandem zip-line experience. Over hot cocoa, Jillian and Michael bond over how they also like lame things like falling asleep while eating popcorn in front of a movie.

A private dinner is planned for a wine cellar bistro, where Jillian will scope out Michael’s ability to be serious and converse like a normal person. Back at the hotel, a group date card arrives. All of the remaining bachelors except for Jesse are invited on a Snow Day. Jesse pats himself on the back for getting the other one-on-one date by default. Meanwhile, dinner isn’t the only thing being grilled – Jillian wants to know if Michael is ready to settle down. He goofily admits to falling in love with anyone who’s willing to kiss him on the mouth! He rambles about being attracted to Jillian, before clarifying that he is there for the right reasons. Jillian gives him a rose, but it seems like the connection she has with him is more ‘cute and cuddly’ than passionate!


Back on the ski hill the next day, Jillian is still obsessing about which of the bachelors has a girlfriend. She says she will take them snowmobiling, and then get each one of them alone to try and discover if they’re there for the right reasons! Robby is the first to get twenty questions from Jillian – he claims that he’s clean. The other guys stop to have a ‘bash Robby’ session along the trail. Meow! Back at the hotel, Michael and Jesse dish about who might be the guy with a girlfriend.

Tanner P slips through the snow for a chat with Jillian, sending Robby back up the trail. He revisits the issue of someone having a girlfriend – he tells the camera that Wes is the person she has to worry about, but won’t rat him out to Jillian. Wes is the next guy she talks to about the problem – she asks him straight out about promoting his CD. He says he’s having feelings he never thought he’d have. Jillian obviously likes him a lot and buys his story – they kiss.

At the lodge that night, copious numbers of beer bottles appear, and Jillian dances on the table and continues to complain about people with a girlfriend or agenda – watch the footage from the bunkhouse already! Kiptyn gets a moment alone with her and assures her that he’s the picture of innocence. They do a lot of kissing – with tongue. Back at the hotel, Jesse gets his date card – his date is called, Break the Ice. Michael feels that Jesse will go ice fishing. They giggle.

Reid is the next bachelor in Jillian’s spotlight. The Matthew Perry look-alike holds forth on what life would be like with kids. She asks him straight out who has a girlfriend. He replies, “Only Mark, Wes, Kiptyn, and me!” Jillian thinks he’s joking, but it’s not clear if it is all a joke! Jillian talks to Ed next. He admits that his boss called today and pressured him to get his butt back to work! As Ed agonizes, Jillian is no help whatsoever – in fact, she gives him the rose, just to complicate his decision even more!


Jesse meets Jillian for their date – predictably, the date is up high, in a seaplane, which will land on a glacier. Once there, they frolic in the snow like idiots. Jesse thinks it’s the pinnacle of his life! It’s not long before Jillian starts asking about past girlfriends – she’s a woman on a mission! Later, at dinner, she admits to the camera that she’s not sure if he’s one of the guys with a girlfriend. Jillian peppers Jesse with questions. He talks his way around answering directly, and claims to be ready for wife and kids, even though he wasn’t six months ago with his last partner! Back at the hotel, the other guys make a night out of bashing Jesse, declaring him to have no chemistry with Jillian! Back in the hot tub, at the end of their date, Jillian presents Jesse with a rose.

In a Bachelorette twist, Ed calls Jillian to talk. He tells her he has to leave because of his job. Jillian tears up and yammers away for a bit about it sucking that he has to make this choice. They embrace, and Ed insists on keeping his rose – it doesn’t mean anything – he just doesn’t want anyone else to have it! They say goodbye and Jillian cries to the camera that Ed has different priorities than she does.

As Jillian prepares for the rose ceremony, she continues to sulk about Ed leaving. Host Chris Harrison asks if she was falling in love with Ed. She admits to feeling a spark when she would hear his name, but doesn’t admit to what we all are thinking – that Ed became infinitely more attractive when he decided to leave and she didn’t get her own way! Chris says that one more guy has to go tonight, since Ed has already left. Jillian wants to skip the cocktail party and get right to business!

Michael and Jesse have roses, so they are safe. Jillian comes in and says it was a hard day for her with Ed leaving. She offers roses to Reid, Kiptyn, Robby, Jake, Tanner, and Wes. Mark is going home, not surprisingly, because he was very awkward with Jillian. He explains that he couldn’t get past his own barriers after having been cheated on four times.


Next week on The Bachelorette, Wes tells the other guys about his plans, and someone has bedroom issues on the overnight date! Uh oh!

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