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I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and A Bad B-Movie

June 16, 2009 08:34 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! gave us two hours of non-stop action on Monday as we saw, well, not much really. John Salley wanted to quit, Janice Dickenson could not poo and Sanjaya won more food for the men. Then John got elected leader, so we assume he is not quitting. After a two-hour build up to some immunity challenge, we never saw a lick of it. Well, that is why we have Tuesdays, for situations just like this.

Oh goodie, the gracious host, Myeene Klass and the other guy, announced that two celebs are leaving Thursday and John immediately started issuing commands like a dictator, even to the point of telling the campers how to eat and they were all thinking, “Can we have Lou back?”


The celebs could not leave filmmaking alone and decided to make a camper/slasher film and we had to see a love scene with Holly and Sanjaya and, the best part, we got to see all of the celebs get murdered in different ways.

The food trial pitted Torrie and Lou for food and the pair had to grab through snakes for stars. The first one to get their stars transferred out of the snake cage, won. OK, Just give Lou and Torrie the duel title of King and Queen of the jungle. What was funny was the two were wearing goggles to protect their faces but were sticking their hands into the glass case full of snakes. I am sure the venom surging through their veins will be hampered by the goggles. In the end, Lou edged out Torrie sending the girls to the beans and rice bowls once again.

Talked turned to Sanjaya and he explained that he was a lot of people’s gay best friend but he was not gay but was raised by women and then,Oh, forget it. The immunity trial was taking place and the celebs had to hold up poles to keep boxes shut. Janice lasted .005 seconds once again proving that she is totally worthless in everything she does. Surprising enough, Torrie went out second, followed by Patti, John, Holly and Sanjaya giving Lou immunity and a place in the final week’s festivities.


To kill off the last fifteen minutes of the show, the cast then watched the world premier of the camper/slasher movie and it looked like the campers were enjoying the movie. Actually it would have been great if we watched the movie instead of the show and they just showed us the highlights of tonight’s show.

Then we heard Sanjaya sing,and sing,and sing. Where was the camp slasher when you needed him?


The host went into camp and asked John to make a choice of granting immunity to one of his campmates or himself and he quickly said himself and then the host announced that there were two of the celebs leaving on Thursday. So who will we see hit the roap bridge on Thursday? Let us know who you think.

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