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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Celebs Are Stir Crazy

June 17, 2009 10:10 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! gave us a quick recap of Tuesday’s performance of self-less love as John Salley graciously gave himself immunity from the week’s vote and the celebs were a bit surprised to see him not even hesitate in doing so, completely throwing his pal, Patti, under the bus.

We are reminded by show host, Damien and Myleene that a double elimination is upon us as the phone lines are still open to decide the fate of two of the celebs.

Crazy aunt Janice immediately informed us of her crazy dreams of a blond woman shaving her head and then hiding in the river. Imagine the looks from Torrie, if you could.


With only a week left, Torrie is the next celeb to begin to crack as Damien says that she is “Wrestling with her emotions”…Get it, you see she was a wrestler once and…That’s OK, just go about your business; nothing here to see.

Anyway, Torrie is missing the comforts of home and wants to see her family. Sanjaya wonders if she wants to quit and Patti, who is quite the trooper, encourages Torrie to hang tough.

The celebs were given a goofy art project of the favorite thing they have done in the jungle, and quite frankly, do we really want to know what some of those things are? They then did another bonding session with everyone talking about how they were like family. I guess Torrie’s idea of family is body slamming Sanjaya, because that is what she attempted to do.


The next food challenge had Janice and Patti pitted against John and Stephen and, of course, they lost. I mean, come on, Janice has been about as worthless as anybody in the jungle. Plus add on her negative attitude and you have Janice as a prime candidate for going home. What makes this loss even more profound for the girls is that Stephen gloated about winning the food challenge and Torrie was not amused.

Patti all of a sudden turned into miss little “The popular girls get all of the attention” as she said Torrie gets all of the attention, although Patti has gotten her fair share of attention in the jungle.

The celebs conversation turns to who is going home and none of them want to see anyone go, except everone that is not them as everyone wants to win.


Finally, Myleene and Damien come into te camp to talk about the public vote and I swear it was more confusing after they talked telling the celebs that the voting has been close with 3% in the bottom 5 and 1% in the bottom 2, which really is meaningless, if you think about it.

With all of that, we will finally lose two celebs tomorrow and, at this point, it is not a moment too soon.

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