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So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 Perform

June 17, 2009 09:30 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance is now the Top 18 and we will see yet another batch of dancing that will thrill and chill or leaving us feeling flat. Whatever your dancing pleasure, you are rarely disappointed and, with a well placed scream from Mary Murphy every now and then, we are bound to have some fun.

After a quick intro by the, oh, so lovely, Cat Deeley, the eighteen dancers did little steps and then Cat introduced Lil’ C, joining Mary and Nigel on the judging panel.

Randi and Evan were talking about each other so we would get to know them a bit more and Randi has a dog she loves and Evan does car stuff. Louis Van Amstel was a choreographer for the Jive and they said they were going to have fun with the routine. Well, the routine seemed fun and the two definitely have a pretty good chemistry. Lil’ C said it was “Out da box wit a bang,” which I think is good. Mary said it was “Fun” but then went on to diss them both and Nigel thought Evan should have been better.


Ade and Melissa gave us a jazz hands routine with Sonya Tahye and it was a fairly funky routine and quite frankly I was not sure how they were doing. Lil’ C liked it even saying that Ade was everyone’s competition. Lil’ C said something funky about Melissa and Mary said it was tough to find anything she didn’t like and Nigel loved it too.

Jason and Catlin were Hip-Hopping around on the SYTYCD stage with a Shane Sparks routine and we got to see Jason dancing like Michael Jackson when he was smaller. Boy, oh boy, that Caitlin is limber, if nothing else. The judges were rough on them starting with Lil’C who said it was a nightmare. Mary hated it too and Nigel added that it was not a hard-hitting Hip Hop but that they looked good doing the routine.


Janette and Brandon were doing a Sanchez Disco routine, which is always fun and boy the record must have been at 78 speed,oops, I don’t think the young ‘uns know what that means, cause they were moving on that stage. Lil’ C said,well, I don’t know what he said, but he liked it. Mary said it was on Fast Forward, (see I told ya) but liked it too and ended with a scream. Nigel added that although he can’t stand up and scream like Mary, but he thought it was terrific.

Asuka and Vitolio were destined not to be in the bottom three and were doing a Ballroom dance routine to try to change the judge’s mind. Cat started with Mary and she was crying at how good they did. Lil’C said they were honest and had good posture and Nigel said they redeemed themselves this week.

Kayla and Max were profiled and we saw Max cooking for everyone and Kayla was a texting queen but we are not sure that matters if they can’t knock it out of the park in a Brian Friedman routine. It had furniture and routines that start with furniture are always fun to watch. Hey, but that’s just me. Lil’ C said that dancing is a ,Oh, forget it; he liked them. Mary didn’t like the outfit Max was wearing but loved Kayla and Nigel echoed the Kayla love.


Karla and Jonathan are another pair of bottom dwellers who wanted to impress this week and were saddled with a Contemporary from choreographer Stacey Tookey. The song was slow and I wasn’t in love with the routine but Contemporary is always tough to judge. There was a lot of hugging in the routine, that much is for sure, but the judges were crazy for their dance. Mary said she was dizzy in a good way for the routine and Nigel said they had no false moves. Lil’ C said they danced the routine beautifully and it was “Buck.”

Phillip and Jeanine were doing a tango routine from Tony Meredith and Hip-Hop guy, Phillip, was definitely struggling with the steps. Phillip looked a bit like a fish out of water to me and the judges, starting with Mary, said they got an A+ in attitude but a C- in technique. Lil’ C said he had an anchor on him and Nigel said that Phillip had a following as a Hip-Hop dancer, but as a Tango dancer,not so much.


Kopono and Ashley finished up the night with a Hip-Hop routine from Shane Sparks and it is always good to finish on a high-energy number. We learned that Kopono was a bit OCD and Ashley vomited at the first group get together. Way too much information. The Hip-Hop routine was definitely, uhh, Hip-Hoppy, and the judges, starting with Mary, said it was OK saying that it was not memorable. Lil’ C said that Kopono struggled and Nigel said that it fell flat and that he was “Underwhelmed.”

If it was totally by the judges critiques, Phillip and Jeanine, Jason and Catlin and Kopono and Ashley would be in trouble, but it is all what America decides.

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