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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Donna Martin Makes A Comeback

June 17, 2009 12:09 AM by Britteny Elrick


I bet you’re thinking that not much happened this week on Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Well, you’re right. Tori Spelling has a photo shoot for her new book Mommywood, and nervously prepares tomake her comebackas Donna Martin on 90210. Hubby Dean decides that he needs laser eye surgery so he can see his beautiful wife more clearly and thenbuys an expensive new toy without consulting said beautiful wife. Dean alsofinds out he booked a movie in Canada and has to leave his family for five weeks,which isexactly the same time Tori decides she needs to throw a Winter Wonderland party in her backyard. Yea, not much to report.

Just as Tori is complaining about the mountains of stress and work that her and Dean are under, she suggests having a Winter Wonderland party. Then Tori has a photo shoot for the cover of her new book Mommywood and immediately after that she heads to her fitting for the return of Donna on 90210. It’s finally the big day and Tori feels like the new kid on the block as she walks on to the set. Meanwhile, Dean goes in for a laser eye surgery consultation. His main concern is not blindness, rather Liam punching him in the face after his surgery.


Before shooting, Jenny Garth comes and surprises Tori and they have some mommy talk. Meanwhile, Dean calls Tori and breaks the news that he will be going to Calgary for five weeks. Of course, he leaves it on a voice mail, and then goes in for his laser surgery.


As he’s recovering, Tori comes home and consoles him. Then he drops the bomb on her that he bought a new bike. When she starts to get mad about it, he actually falls asleep. In order to make up for going away, falling asleep during an argument, and buying a bike without telling her, he goes to the jewelry store. Then later on, Dean brings the clan to visit Tori on the set.


Tori continues to film, but she’s very distracted worrying about Dean’s trip. Eventually, Dean stops by the set to say goodbye to Tori. She is extremely upset and on top of it all, she can’t even make out with him because she’s in full makeup. They talk on the phone as he’s boarding the train and Tori breaks down.


The day of the Winter Wonderland party, Tori’s friends come in to help as she’s exhausted from shooting the previous day. They arrive to find puddles of mud, rather than piles of snow. When Tori wakes up, she is is in a state of shock… not only because the party is a wreck, but because the polar bears are set up in a humping position. Then it occurs to Tori that the party isn’t actually about her, it’s about the kids.


Later that evening, the family unites via Skype so thatDean can see the kids before bed. Of course, Dean suggests “dirty adult Skype” after the kids lay down.

Be sure to catchthe new episode of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which airs on Oxygen onTuesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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