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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Loses Two More

June 18, 2009 08:30 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!will see two of the celebs leave on the rope bridge and according to host Danien and Myleene and the weird percentages were again bantered about and Janice was told she was not in the top 2 and the celebs were as confused as before the host came by.

The celebs started to try to make sense of it all and Stephen Baldwin said that Patti was a darkhorse as she would appeal to the moms of America. The hosts were back into camp and announced that the men/women were no longer and it was everyone for themselves now and then the game was on, which means that Janice, if she stays in the game, will never eat again as she is totally incapable of winning anything.

Janice did a fake apology to Holly for being so contrary and to watch her tell America how she was not sincere makes you wonder if America had enough sense to send her home.


A wrestling match of some kind was the next food challenge and Torrie thought she had this one in the bag since she was a previous wrestler. I did admit she was quite imposing in her short shorts yellow outfit as Myleene showed the pizza that was the prize for the night. The celebs dived in a mud pit with alligators and Patti, Lou and Sanjaya were the ones that would enjoy pizza.

Myleene and Damien told the celebs of the first who would be leaving and announced that Sanjaya was safe in the first round as was Torrie and then it was announced that Holy was going home. Sanjaya was sad as he watched his little girlfriend leave and we can only hope those two crazy kids can have some fun outside of the jungle.


When the pizza arrived, and as the rest of the celebs watched on, Janice insisted that some of the veggies were just for her so she could go poo. Well, the situation escalated between John and Janice and then the poo was really flying between the two, which sent Janice crying in the confessional booth.


Damien and Myleen announced that it was between Janice, Steven and Patti for the final heave-ho and our favorite camper, Janice finally got the boot. After she left, Damien said that it was sad to see her go because she was like the crazy aunt that comes over at Thanksgiving, which is what we all were thinking.

The final six; Lou, John; Sanjaya; Torrie; Pattie and Steven were now on a course to be crowned the King or Queen of the jungle and, with all of the driftwood gone, we will see who will shine in the final week.


To close the show, America was given a voting challenge and the bottom two celebs will fight it out in a eating of gross stuff challenge, which will send one home and the other stays.

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