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So You Think You Can Dance Loses Two More

June 18, 2009 08:47 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance big result show which we all know can be done in thirty minutes, sends us on the roller coaster ride as we watch two more leave the dance floor. But if we did that, we wouldn’t get to see Cat Deeley for sixty straight minutes or may have missed the cool Mia Michaels group routine at the beginning of the show.

Lil’ C, Mary Murphy and Nigel were introduced and Lil’ C’s wild critiques were profiled and we got straight into the results, which I love about this show.

Melissa and Ade’s Jazz routine was profiled and immediately told they were safe. Caitlin and Jason and Phillip and Jeanine were the last in the hotseat and both did poorly last night enough to have to dance for their lives. Cat announced that Caitlin and Jason were not safe, sending Phillip and Jeanine to safety.


Jeanette and Brandon were all about Disco and were quickly declared safe. Jonathan and Karla were given high marks as opposed to Kupono and Ashley, so it will be shocking if they are not sent to safety and Cat confirmed it as so, leaving Kupono and Ashley dancing for their lives.

The final three couples were brought out and Cat announced that Evan’s brother had made it to Vegas for the Season 6 show. Evan and Randi’s “Fun” routine was profiled and America though as well, too. Asuka and Vitolio, who were spectacular last night, and Kayla and Max were left and it was hard to see who should be dancing for their lives but it was Asuka and Vitolio who were safe and Kayla and Max went off to prepare for their solos.


A filler, I mean, another dancing lady, danced a Bollywood-type routine and it was certainly fun to watch as it looked like a tap dancing routine gone wild, well at least to me, and then the six danced their individual styles for the judges to make a final determination.

Nigel started with the girls and said he didn’t want to lose any of the six tonight. Kayla was safe, but Ashley’s solo was flat and Caitlin was not as strong as they hoped, but in the end, Ashley was sent home.


Jason’s solo was strong and was announced safe, leaving Kupono and Max and both were savaged with their solos. In the end, Max was sent off and it seems as if the Russians never actually get that far but Nigel said it was a testament to how good the dancers were this season.

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