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The Fashion Show: Walk Of Shame

June 18, 2009 11:29 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight, the designers on The Fashion Show will work to resolve an age-old college dilemma: the walk of shame. They will be paired back into groups, which causes sparks to fly and Reco to set a world record in eye-rolling. For the elimination challenge, they will have to impress Isaac Mizrahi more than ever since they are designing a piece for his collection

For the Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge, the designers will have to transfer some hard partying girls’ outfits into work attire. Where were these designers when I was in college? They will be paired into teams of two, which sends shivers down everyone’s spine. They are given 30 mins and only what items they can find in a lost and found box.


Johnny and Merlin impressed the judges and their outfit was unrecognizable from the original. Lidia and James-Paul were very inventive, whereas Anna and and Haven’s was not so good. Although Daniella hates her and Reco’s outfit, the judges liked it. Johnny and Merlin win and will receive superhero xray vision.


Kelly tells them that for their elimination challenge they will be working for Isaac Mizrahi. They must design a complete look for his upcoming collection. Isaac reveals a board with scraps of material and photos of inspiration. As the winners of the first challenge, Johnny and Merlin get to have a 5 minute consultation with Isaac. Reco gives the biggest eye roll of all time when he hears that they will be staying in their groups for the challenge.


Reco laysout a huge elaborate plan to make a pleated, corseted gown and Daniella, in all her eloquent genius, says “no.” Haven starts crafting some sort of culotte short…I have no idea. As the designers work frantically, James-Paul feels that Lidia will not get their dress done in time. [insert dramatic commercial break]

The morning of The Fashion Show the designers are a bit stressed since they haven’t had much time to work. Reco’s trying to sabotage Daniella by letting her construct the entire outfit, which he thinks is terrible. Isaac and Kelly do their rounds, and they are floored by the fact that Johnny used felt, yes felt, for his jacket. What is he going to do, give a children’s story later?


Of all the designs, Haven and Anna’s is the only one that looks half-way wearable. Merlin and Johnny couldn’t stop saying “delicious” as they watched their model walking. I assure you, it was anything but delicious. It wasn’t even appetizing.

After the show, Isaac congratulates all of their designs and they announce the top two: Haven and Anna’s and Merlin and Johnny’s. The audience thought Haven’s outfit was sophisticated, and they like the “overall look” of Johnny’s. Haven and Anna’s design wins and will be sold on bravotv.com.


Kelly tells James-Paul and Lidia that their outfit resembles a cheap mermaid. Ouch. It’s cold, but true. There is some sort of scaly, metallic thing wrapping around the dress and it looks TERRIBLE.I have no reason to lie to you. The audience thought Daniella and Reco’s pants were granny style. Isaac said it lacks artistry and it’s very old-fashioned. Insert: now is when Daniella throws Reco under the bus. She says he wouldn’t collaborate with her because he just shut her out, however, she ends up accepting most of the blame for the outfit.

Although both outfits were a travesty, they let Reco and James sit down. It’s down to Daniella and Lidia, but they just aren’t… they just aren’t buying Lidia’s design.

As you might have guessed, Daniella is hanging by a thread. Oh, every week. Seriously?

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