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Top Chef Masters: The Lost Supper

June 18, 2009 03:25 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Top Chef Masters, the master chefswhowillbe competing against each other areWylie Dufresne, Suzanne Tracht, Graham Elliot Bowles and Elizabeth Falkner.The chefswill step into theirtime machinesandtravel backto season two, where they must create an amuse bouch (whatever that is)out of vending machine products. In the elimination challenge, they will have to create a meal using ingredients featured on the TV show Lost.

The chefs brag for a little while about what they do and all the restaurants they own, blah blah. Kelly Choi finally comes in and introduces the quick fire challenge, where they will have to make an amuse bouch in 30 minutes from merely vending machine ingredients. The judges will consist of three of the original chefs during the season two challenge. Oh, snap.


Graham feels privileged to be the youngest of all the master chefs. Wylie, on the other hand, makes some crazy analogy about how cooking is his version of athletics… or some ridiculous statement.Elizabeth is just crazy, and she heads for the nitrogen tank for God knows what. When their plates are being judged, Wylie’s red onion and grilled cheese sandwich is up first. They loved the presentation, but some thought it was too hard to eat. I believe Wylie inserted a few “F” bombs as part of the commentary.


Suzanne madefried shallot rings with a salad, and she got rave reviews. Elizabeth made braised beef jerky and some of them thought the flavors were not meshing. The last dish was Graham’s tuna salad with pickled shallots, which they seemed to enjoy. The winner of the challenge is Elizabeth with five stars. Don’t worry, Wylie blasted a few more “F” bombs in response.

When the chefs come back they are greeted with boar heads, whole chickens, and a bunch of fruit. Kelly tells them their task is to make dinner for the creators of Lost. The chefs are allowed to use ingredients on the table and a few select items from an approved list of canned foods. For some reason, Graham feels this is a good time to tell us that he dropped out of school the day he turned 18, in order to be in his band. I’m sorry, what? Wylie notices that there are both whole chickens and eggs on the table… so he decides to make a dish using them both. He calls this idea: humor and whimsy. I’m sorry, what?


The judges and Lost writers sit downfor the big meal. Elizabeth presents her wild boar tenderloin with papaya and yam pudding. Oh wow, I think I just threw up in my mouth. Graham brings out his tuna trio, and one of the critics says it’s one of the most well executed pieces oftuna he’s ever had. Wylie brings out his roast chicken with poached egg and one of the critics ends up with a plate and no chicken. Once that crisis is averted, the judges seem to think his dish is superb. Lastly, Suzanne presents an uni risotto, mango salad, and boar strip steak. The judges think that there’s alot going on, but “they want to say for the whole show.” In case you didn’t pick up on the metaphor, that means they liked it.


The critics mull over the dishes, while using several lofty food terms that nobody cares about. Wylie would be happy to know that they picked up on his humor regarding the chicken and the egg. Kelly gives out the scores andGraham ends up with a total of 20.5 stars. Wylie ends up with 20 stars, and gets eliminated. Elizabeth receives 16.5 stars and she is sent home. It’s down to Graham and Suzanne. In the end, Suzanne ends up winning $10k for her charity and a spot in the championship round.


Top Chef Mastersairs Wednesdays on Bravo at 10/9c.

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