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I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Loses Another

June 22, 2009 08:51 PM by DA Southern


Monday’s two hour blowtorch that isI’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here looks to pare down the remaining campers tonight and set the stage for all that we have been waiting for; The return of Heidi and Spencer Pratt at the finale. Wait, that’s not it. It is the crowning of the queen or king of the jungle. Quite frankly, wouldn’t it be great to see a Lou vs Torrie jungle-off? Well, I guess we will see what happens to get us to that point tonight.

Host Myleen and Damien announced that one of the campers will leave us at the Last Chance Saloon and also other surprises were headed our way as well and who doesn’t like surprises. Sanjaya was sad that Holly and Janice were gone, but John and most of the others were not so sad about Janice.

At the camp gab-fest, Torrie wanted to win and Stephen wanted to go home. Did someone tell him that there are only three days left? Lou got bit by a spider and Patti showed the boys her butt where a bug bit her. I wonder if that was the surprise we were waiting for.


We are finally seeing Stephen head out of the jungle and everyone was shocked that he was actually quitting. Even humble Patti Blogojevich was shocked that Stephen was quitting and said that she could never allow her kids see her quit like that.

In light of Stephen’s departure, John read the scroll that announced that each of several of the campmates would plead their case to get back into the game. Janice was first to plead her case and the campers were shocked how real she came across. Holly was next in and announced that the vote was between her and Janice and the campers loved her spirit so much more than Janice, but thought, in the end, that Janice would be more unlikeable.

With that being said, Holly was voted back in and Janice was pissed saying she had no BFF’s here. Sanjaya and Holly picked right back up where they left off and Sanjaya was finally manning up and putting the move on Holly in a heartwarming way. Well, they were swimming in a cool creek together and Holly stripped down to her unders. Maybe that was the surprise. Darn it, I want a surprise.


John announced the next food trial saying it was the “Head of Horror” where the celebs will allow bugs, spiders and things to crawl over them. Reward was cheeseburger and fries and they had to pass stars with their mouth as the critters crawled over them.

Pattie bowed out quickly and Holly completed the task. John and Sanjay were next and Sanjaya whipped up on John. Torrie and Lou finished up the trial and Lo barely edged out Torrie, The finals had Sanjaya, Lou and Holly competing and Holly didn’t even try. Sanjaya dropped out and then, with tarantulas crawling over him, Lou completed yet another task for food.

The celebs then weighed themselves and it looked as though The Biggest Loser had nothing on this show and John Salley even declared himself The Biggest Loser, The Biggest Jungle Loser. John then showed everyone some of the pics he had snapped on the digital and the pics were actually quite well done.


In a tender scene, John and Lou got to use Skype to see their families and it seemed to energize them both and then they both seemed to get pretty emotional about missing Father’s Day with their family.

The Last Chance Saloon was up and Myleene and announced that Holly and John Salley were competing for a chance to come back to camp. John was determined to come back in but was still shocked that America voted him to compete. At the Saloon, the stars had to drink gross drinks that were generally unpleasant. Holly won round one; John won round two and round three, the dung beetle shake, John pulled ahead of the youngster. Round four had a scorpion sunrise with an actual scorpion in it and Holly evened the game up. The final round gave John the slimmest of victories and Holly, once again, was headed down the rope bridge to a comfy bed and good eats, leaving Sanjaya sad once again.


Myleene and Damien then announced that America was once again voting to keep three campers in the jungle and that two would be leaving at the end of tomorrow’s show and showed each of the celeb’s determination to go to the end.

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