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The Bachelorette: Rocky Mountain Romance!

June 22, 2009 06:57 PM by Candace Young


After the drama of Ed’s departure last week on ABC’s The Bachelorette, how could things possibly get more intense for Jillian Harris this week? Well, of course, we’re all waiting with bated breath to see if the bachelor that secretly has a girlfriend/agenda will be unmasked! Will she finally see what seems so obvious to the rest of us? Only time will tell, as supposedly, things come to a head during the rose ceremony tonight! Also on the show tonight – one bachelor will get thrown from the train, and one is spectacularly well-endowed…

Host Chris Harrison tells the bachelors to pack their bags – they’re going on a cross-Canada train trip. They seem bewildered, but game. Jillian swears that the experience with Ed has shown her that she needs to focus on the guys that she truly has a chance with – but make no mistake, she’s still sulking that Ed threw her over in order to stay employed! As they ride on the Rocky Mountaineer, Reid is getting pretty intense about needing a one-on-one date with Jillian, but Robby nabs it!

Robby tackles the one-on-one date with the mantra, I think I can, I think I can,get that rose. Hometown dates are next, so it’s a big deal to get a rose this week. Robby puts in a solid performance on the first part of his date, with dinner up next. Only on The Bachelorette can a chick grill a guy on whether he’s ready to settle down and have kids, and Jillian does exactly that to Robby, who, at twenty-five years of age, and currently in-between jobs, handles the questioning with only a few drops of sweat and minimal squirmage.


Robby makes it into Jillian’s room on the train, and the sight of the rose makes him nervous, but he grins as he tells the camera he would love to take her home to Texas to meet the family. Chris asks the other seven guys how they imagine Robby is doing – they grudgingly agree that he’ll get the rose. But Jillian has deduced that Robby isn’t ready for the kids gig – the train grinds to a halt and Jillian leads Robby outside. The other bachelors rush to press their noses to the train windows as Jillian leaves Robby with his bags at the side of the tracks! The whole scene leaves them unnerved – except for slimbag Wes, who makes it clear that he will take advantage of Jillian right this minute if it means more recognition for him and his career. Ugh!

Jillian starts the day fresh the next morning by eating breakfast with the guys, then a group date is established with all of the guys except Reid – who will obviously get his one-on-one date later. Rocky Mountain Romance is the title of the group date, on which they will snowshoe! Tanner icks everyone out by complaining about not being able to see Jillian’s feet, but they all have a good time – particularly Jake who enjoys a roll in the snow with Jill! Reid, meanwhile, confides in a train employee about his feelings for Jillian – he advises Reid to expose himself or he’ll always regret it!

Jake, aka, Mr. Perfect, scores some face time with Jillian, who asks what it would be like to go to his hometown. He ups the perfection factor by saying he’d love to have her see his parents’ ideal relationship. Just as Jake is about to kiss her, the other guys horn in. Jillian goes off with Kiptyn, who makes a little speech about the weird dynamic of having other men around, before swapping spit with her. Again, the others crowd in, and talk turns to what they all wear to sleep in. Tanner seizes the moment by dropping his drawers and showing Jillian that he is hung like a horse. Jillian gapes, but admits that she wasn’t quite ready to check out anyone’s package yet! In spite of that, foot-fetishist Tanner scores some toe-time with Jillian – complete with lotion!


Jesse gets some special time with Jillian too, but it’s a bit of a bland-fest as he crows about how much his parents would like her if she came to his hometown. She says there was a spark, but is she fibbing? Hmm… Next, Mike, the cute break dance instructor, toasts marshmallows with Jillian. He turns things around on her somewhat by admitting that he is worried about falling for her anymore than he already has. Not surprisingly, Jillian admits to the camera that his younger age is a barrier for her where he is concerned.

Things take a turn for the dramatic among the bachelors when Tanner mans-up and admits that he is the one who told Jillian someone might have a girlfriend or ulterior motives. The guys understand, except Wes, who, predictably, says he hates a tattletale. Wes ticks off some by saying that he would be fine with leaving now anyway – he’s already generated six episodes worth of publicity! Jake verbalizes that it’s not fair to those who are there to fall in love and possibly even get married – Wes is a reprehensible human being! Jillian ends the night by giving Kiptyn a rose.

Before the one-on-one date with (yawn) Reid, a strangely nervous and giggly Jake tells Jillian that he is falling for her big time – she needs to know this! Reid and Jillian go snowboarding, where Reid spends a lot of time looking like a slapstick comedian taking spill after spill. Back on the train the other guys weigh the possibility of Reid getting a rose – they basically bash him totally – in a diplomatic way. Apparently Jillian doesn’t find Reid as dull as the rest of us – she kisses and cuddles with him on top of the mountain!


Back at the hotel, Reid exposes the neurotic hypochondriac side of himself over fondue, but wacky Jillian thinks it only makes him more endearing – incredibly, he scores a rose, and she can’t seem to keep her hands off of him!

As they roll into Banff Alberta, Chris Harrison grills Jillian in preparation for the rose ceremony. She admits to having a real connection with Wes, says Jake needs to relax, and that Tanner spends too much time talking about the other guys. She also mentions her trepidation about Mike’s young age. She still believes her hubby is there, though.

With Reid and Kiptyn already having roses, Jillian must now choose the others that will get to take her home to meet their families next week. But she still has questions. She takes Mike out of the room with her and questions him about whether or not he’s ready for a wife and kids – he swears that he is! The other guys sweat it out and someone blurts, “Who’s got the girlfriend?” They all look at Wes. Jillian returns with Mike and the ceremony finally begins. Jillian gives roses to Jesse, Wes, and Michael. Tanner and Jake are headed home. Jake tears up and says he’s gotten to know those guys and she doesn’t have a lot of good choices left, and Wes will break her heart!

Next week Jillian goes to the bachelor’s hometowns to get to know them and their families, and the drama surrounding Wes deepens!

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