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America’s Got Talent 06/23/09: Let The Show Begin!

June 23, 2009 08:28 PM by Paulene Hinds

americas-got-talent004 Nick Cannon

Talent has taken over the world, but now it is America’s turn. The judges are back…Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff. The buzzers and the audience are back and tonight a new host is on the scene… Nick Cannon. Be prepared for some of the most fantastic auditions in America tonight on America’s Got Talent.


The search began tonight in New York City with Teacher’s Aid Ray who came out to sing and dance a little bit. He didn’t last long though as he wasn’t very satisfying for the judges. As the auditions got going, things didn’t get any better. One contestant named Zoe,even had her hair set on fire. It seemed as if New York didn’t have any talent after all.

In Chicago, the windy city was known for its’ talent. Moses was hoping that his talent would knock the judges off their feet as he turned his ownfeet around 180 degrees and walked. Painful yes, a talent no…Piers Morganwas even physically sick! The Footworkkingz came out next and performed a hip hop routine with an energy that blew the judges away. They were off to Vegas. The Chicago auditions were looking up.


The people of Chicago continued to show their pride as the family Shine came out and sang. They were uplifting for sure, but not walking on sunshine. Aside from being nice, they definately didn’t have talent. The contestants continued to smile even though the talent took a turn for the worst. The next act was hoping to keep America’s hope alive. The Rock n’ Roll President came out to visit and sang for the crowd. Although it was exciting and fresh, the judges were not sure if the act would be that great in Vegas. The crowd saved him from getting the big boot. Next the Black Fire percussion group took the stage by storm and they too were through to Vegas along with Annointed S; a vocal percussion singer and Unexpected astep team.

As the windy city began to run out of steam, Debbie came out to show her perfected talent of performing animal sounds. Her impressions were just baaaaaddddd. Rockin’ Rory the talented Australian Shepherd dog was a high flyer thoughand was off to Vegas.

americas-got-talent007 tribute to hasselhoff

Seattle was up next for the auditions and they were hoping to produce a super star. Brad the Surplus technician was hooked on the stage life and tonighthe was hoping to live thedream of leaving his job and performing full time. He did an impression of a fishing trip gone horribly wrong which he learned after drilling a huge hole in his nose. Piers Morgandescribed Brad as the most digusting guy in America as the judgesput him through to Vegas. His strange act managed to entertain the judges, but the rest of Seattle was just plain weird. After a bunch of freak shows, the Eriam sisters came out and sang for the crowd. They were nothing short of fantastic and kicked off a run of contestants going off to Vegas! Dave continued the run with his original song to David Hasselhoff and although it was entertaining, it wasn’t that great. Guess what? He was off to Vegas too, but I really don’t think this guy will last.


Bruce and Simone from Seattle Arial Arts were told to get a room from Piers after they did a sensual high flying act, but Sharon Osbourne loved them. David Hasselhoffgave thema bigNO and Piers agreed to to say yes so he could get naked with Sharon on a swing.

Back in New York City, the judges were still hoping to find talent, but Joseph the Impersonator tried a few voices,and every voice he gave sounded like himself. Parodys of Dance, Zoe and Dave saved New York from a dry run with their amazing dance tricks, especially when Zoe who weighed in around 100 pounds, lifted her husband of 240 pounds. They were heading off to Vegas and righfully so!

americas-got-talent006 voices of glory

Last tonight toperform were, Voices of Glory, abrother and sister trio. They sang God Bless America for their mother who had been in a coma, but thankfully is alive and well today. They were off to Vegas.

Tomorrow, the second night of auditions continues on America’s Got Talent, only on NBC.

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2 Responses to “America’s Got Talent 06/23/09: Let The Show Begin!”

  1. markadcock Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Is Nick Cannon the worst host in the history of television? He is absolutely terrible. He sounds mechanical and stiff. He has no sense of humor and I have watched my last episode!!!!

  2. Paulene Hinds Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Nick was better tonight than last night!


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