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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Danielle Staub Wants Respect

June 23, 2009 06:19 PM by Britteny Elrick


On last week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, the ladies met together for a nice, peaceful meal. The only problem was that it was filled with awkward silences, palpable tension, and tables being overthrown. So who caused all the drama? All hell broke loose when Danielle Staub brought a copy of the bookthat her ex-husband wrote about her, which all the ladies were discussing behind her back. She wanted to confront rumors and untrue stories about her… but that was easier said than done. Now read what Danielle had to say on her Bravo blog in regards to her cast mates and the infamous dinner…

Danielle wrote:

“Clearly no one wanted me at this dinner party, why is a mystery to me. Albeit I have been a bit difficult to understand and have harbored a ton of anger towards Dina, but I really had no reason to have such strong disdain towards her. We had a misunderstanding from the start, YES, but the rest is still unclear to me as to how it got so out of control. I cannot confirm any particulars at this time, however, I am not going to hold back in the future. I may have to disclose certain information that could have only come from one source in order for people to realize my feelings towards her were not my own, but they were manipulated, seeded, watered, and amplified by another source, perhaps to make someone else feel better, I am not sure. However, I am now in a positive light and will stay there. But there is no way I should be the brunt of all the hate they spew! I was merely a messenger! Leave it at that.

Apologies to Dina for putting sole blame on her perhaps one day we will talk and she will understand. It is only my intention to move forward in life. I have no regrets nor do I have anger. I have released all bad and want only good now. I wish well to Dina who was definitely not deserving of being in the direct line of fire. She participated yes but I am still not exactly clear at what level. At that time I was believing everything someone told me and then of course I would add to it making it worse. I will never again believe anything unless it is confirmed by the source. In simple terms I will do as I tell my children,,take the issue up with the issuer, period.

Here is the deal. We all have ex’s – be it girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and even wives. What if your ex wrote about you after you were broken up or divorced? And what if this ex was not only an ex, but an admitted felon, drug addict, alcoholic batterer, armed robber, manic depressant with bipolar disorder? Would you want his or her written word of you and your life to be viewed as the Bible – the truth? And if people were not kind enough to address this with you – issue…issuer thing – would you want to use the only opportunity you get to have everyone in the same room to tell your story? Would you be able to do so if you were treated as I had been treated? Well if you say no, you wouldn’t, then you are the only one that believes it. Studies and history show everyone deserves to say their peace. Too bad none of you really wanted to listen. I found it disturbing that all the children were present when there were explicit talks of sexual relations in the room going on and the children were the same distance away when I wanted to speak about my past. But my arrest and the book were not a subject to be spoken of in front of children, yet the content of the conversation that far was? I’m confused! Again double standard – you be the judge. However I did not at any point object to the children leaving and let me be clear about that! I respect your choices as parents and I am not judging, however, I deserve the same respect in the way I choose to raise my children.

I never said anything about who I spoke to at Chateau. It was Caroline who mentioned names, not me. I simply said I was told at Chateau.

I watch this episode and feel as though all of you think you are God or a jury? I was punished and cleared of these crimes over two decades ago. I am happy the truth is out. I am happy to be free. I am sad that you hurt my children with this, however I would have had to tell them eventually so I am grateful at the same time. For now it is done. For the record I did not change my name to hide from my past – I changed it to hide from my ex. The father of my children had no problem with it, so why on earth would you? Seriously I do hope your lives are all normal and pure and good, because that is truly a blessing. And I am happy for all of you having wonderful husbands (two of you were lucky to find a second husband) and families to love you unconditionally. Why is it so wrong for me to want the same in life? To be loved unconditionally and feel safe. Again, double standard – you be the judge.

No one deserves to be called names like that, NO ONE. Not one woman deserves to be called those names, NOT ONE!!! Especially knowing children are present! There is no excuse for that. You get your kids to leave so they do not hear a thing,yet you scream loud enough for the kids to hear you anyway. Again, double standard – you be the Judge.

As for the table, well sure, blame that on your temper I guess. In all of this I do believe I have grown and I am totally grateful to Bravo and each and every one of these ladies for this experience.

I am very excited to now be able to write my own book and move forward with my life. I have such a positive outlook and I know if there is one person watching that decides to not attack another woman because of what they saw me going through, then it is worth it all. Please build one another up instead of tearing each other down. Thank you to my newfound friend, in whom I have found a new light and trust. I am grateful for her guiding me to keep me positive. I will tell you more on my soul sister later. God Bless!!”

Love & Warmth

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