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America’s Got Talent 06/24/09: Seattle and Miami Auditions

June 24, 2009 07:56 PM by Paulene Hinds


The battle continues for the best talent in America which includesone million dollars and a contract to perform in Vegas. The judges; Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoffmake their way to Seattle and Miami this eveningon America’s Got Talent.


In Seattle, Manuela a mother of two came out dressed in a dominatrex outfit prepared to dominate the judges in a very entertaining way. After a strange yodelling performance all of the judges thought that she was very entertaining and she was off to Vegas. Comic Box was up next dressed as androids and they too were off to Vegas along with Tom, the retired firefighter/hip hopping magician and G-Force a group of young singers.

All of the contestants were dreaming of the big time including Rafael the shoeless Bouncer. He was unable to muscle his way through to Vegas with his horrible singing and dancing and I sincerely hope that no one from the bar he works at sees him or he might be beaten up! Two little people came out next hoping to dance their way into the judges hearts. Erik and Rickie a couple of eight year oldsdanced to Rollin’ On The River and the crowd went crazy. It was so fun to watch and the judgesvoted unaminously to send them to Vegas tonight.

Miami was the next stop for America’s Got Talent and this was the first time that the show had ever stopped here looking for the best in America. Jennifer came out hoping to show the judges something different and at first she was on stage by herself with a suitcase and then another girl joined herwhen she popped out of the suitcase. Their routine was hideous and David Hasselhoff told her that maybe she should mail her suitcase home. Drew came out and performed an illusionist act with his wife and two other women. Sharon Osbourne told him that he is one of the best illusionists that she has ever seen as the group was voted on to Vegas.

The acts were lining up in Miami including a triplet sister act who played The Devil Went Down To Georgia. They were not only beautiful, but their violin playing was amazing. Not one of them had a great singing voice though, but that didn’t matter to David Hasselhoff…they were going to Vegas regardless. Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan told them they had promise and gave them the nod to Vegas. Janifer was called a grown ass woman by Nick Cannon as she attempted to perform a Bohemian African dance dressed in flowers and peacock feathers. Nick Cannon said she had a wedgy and David Hasselhoff said that he felt like he was being attacked by a rose bushas hesent her off to the land of the roses. The Miami heat was getting to everybody as one act after another was slowly making the judges mad and delerious.

The final contestant of the evening was a young boy namedArcadian, who never felt that he was good enough for sports until he found dance. Tonight was his chance to show America that he did have something great inside of him to give. His energy was infectious and the crowd went wild. His natural God given gift shone through and he was off to Vegas.

Next week, America’s Got Talent returns on Tuesday night, only on NBC.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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