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I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Crowns A Winner

June 24, 2009 08:33 PM by DA Southern


I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here finishes with a bang, or as much of one as could be imagined with the three celebs left in John Salley, Lou Diamond Phillips and Torrie Wilson. America has voted one of the three the King or Queen of the jungle and really, any of the three are deserving enough to win it all.

Host Myleene Klass and Damien Fahey start by telling us that not only will we have a new King or Queen by the end of the night, but we will also be reunited with the other campers who either left or were booted out of the jungle. With the Pratts waiting to hog the camera time, we can only hope that the person who wins gets their due.


A quick recap of the campers journey and all of the drama that went along with it flashed before our eyes and we were then deluged with crying, laughing and all of the dirty challenges that set up the final three. The three were quickly seen calmly waiting for the decision of America and you could tell that they were pretty anxious as we saw Pattie and Sanjaya make their exits.

The cast was back, sans Frangela, and the Pratts were seemingly mild compared to the last time we saw them. That didn’t stop the antics of the Pratts displayed for us as was the craziness of Janice Dickenson, who looked very glamorous, and her moments of drama in the jungle.


The final food trial was shown and the celebs were faced with a spa filled with creepy-crawly critters who attempted to stop them from getting various stars that would allow them to eat. Torrie got her two stars by getting past bugs; John Salley got his stars by diving into vomit of some kind and Lou got his stars by fighting off spiders. Torrie got into a tub with alligators to get stars and even kissed an alligator in the process; John went into a steam bath with snakes and Lou went into a tanning booth and was sprayed with goo of some kind to get his stars and all of the celebs got to eat for their last night in camp.

Myleene and Damien were with the final three and John had the best line when he said that, win or lose, he got more out of the jungle than the jungle got out of him. Each of the celebs had some pretty decent words for each other on videos and you could tell that they really did care for each other.


Every one was reunited for the last time and the hosts questioned the eliminated campers about their various experiences in the jungle. Believe it or not, Sanjaya was the winner of the most trials and seem to relish each and every one of them. We then saw the final three eat their winnings and it was funny to watch them each eat that which we take for granted everyday.

Myleen and Damien announced the first of the three that would be leaving the jungle and we were sad to see John Salley given the boot. It is fitting to see the two strongest campers in Lou and Torrie remain standing as they battled each other all twenty-four days.


Finally, we got down to the final two and the winner of the title of King or Queen of the jungle. Lou and Torrie each told about the journey they had taken to get to the end of the competition. Myleene finally announced that the winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2009 was Lou Diamond Phillips.

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