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So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Perform

June 24, 2009 08:20 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance has the dancing sixteen vying for the SYTYCD summer tour and they will have to elude the watchful eye of America and the critique of the judges who see all of the technical flaws that we mere mortals seem to miss. With gracious host, Cat Deeley, bringing her energetic style to theSYTYCD stage, she gets us right into the heart of it all as the dancers get ready to show us why they should stay or go after introducing Nigel, Mary and guest judge, Toni Basil.

The first dance had a Hip-Hop routine by chorographer Dave Scott. You know how Hip-Hop is, it is supposed to be all in your face, but the duo came out flat and it had all the trappings of a bottom three dance. Nigel said that there was no excitement and that it was like a Sunday School picnic outing, but I have never been to a picnic like that. Mary said that they lacked chemistry and were not synchronized and Toni said that the routine felt “Store bought” and I have no idea what that meant.


Asuka and Vitolio were up for a Jazz routine with Mandy Moore and they seemed to have it all together. They looked to be technically sound but seemed to lack passion. Nigel said they were fantastic and Mary said they were good but not as good as last week and Toni added that their techniques should not get in the way of their emotions.

Melissa and Ade were doing a Rumba with choreographer Tony Meredith and, without a doubt, they are a powerful couple. The Rumba was probably one of the best to date on theSYTYCD stage and Nigel said that Melissa was sexy Ade was wonderful as well. Mary said that se was buying what they were selling and Toni said the dance was beautifully done and it was gorgeously sensual.


Janette and Brandon were our next Hip-Hop buddies this week and it was a rock & roll meets Hip-Hop and they seemed to thrive off of the energy of the routine and they definitely had the audience behind them more than the first Hip-Hoppers. Is that even a word? Anyway, Nigel loved them and Mary said that it was absolutely believable and Toni loved their energy.

Kopono and Kayla, who each lost their partners last week and danced together for the first time. Sometimes it is a bit of disadvantage but sometimes freshness is welcomed. We find that Kayla does some modeling and Kopono likes to do some costume design in his spare time but the couple had no spare time to do any of that as they practiced their contemporary waltz. It looked pretty well done but Nigel was mixed about the couple but said they looked beautiful and Mary added that it was elegant and flowing and put them on the Hot Tamale Train. Toni said that she loved the dance and that Kayla was an extraordinary dancer.


A Mia Michaels contemporary routine greeted Evan and Randi and we learned Randi wanted to be a teacher and Evan wanted to have a car shop. Mia Michaels was obsessed with Randi’s butt and featured it predominately in the dance. As always, the Mia Michaels routine was unique and as far as I could tell, Randi’s butt was good. Nigel said that it was beautifully danced by the two and love Randi’s butt. Mary said that they were terrific and that it was one of the best numbers of the night. Toni said that she loved Mia Michaels and that the two lived up to the chorography.


Caitlyn and Jason, who found themselves in the bottom three last week, were determined to remain above the fray this week with the usually difficult Paso Doble. With grandiose music playing, the couple was colorful, if nothing else, but I can never tell with this dance if they are any good. I mean, they looked good, but who knows. Nigel said there was not quite as much passion as he would have liked; Mary said it was a strong performance and Toni added that the performance was good and it went along with the music, whatever that means.

The final performance saw Jeanine and Phillip in a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine, which is always fun to end the show with because it is usually so happy. We saw that Phillip would like to invent stuff and that Jeanine would love to act but had their hands full with the Broadway routine and it had a couch in it. The routine was fun to watch and the judges thought it was good, for the most part. Nigel loved Jeanine and not so much love for Phillip. Mary said that she was allergic to feathers but not to the routine and Toni said the performance was adorable but wanted it to be more memorable.

Tomorrow two more dancers will leave us as the paring down of the dancers continues.

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