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Sanjaya Malakar Dishes About ‘I’m A Celebrity’

June 25, 2009 10:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Former American Idol contestant, Sanjaya Malakar, opened up about his experience in the Costa Rican jungle on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! On a conference call yesterday, he talked about the differences between the shows and what he learned from each.And don’t you worry, he also discussed the other celebrities andhis plans for the recent future…

American Idol trained me to be the kind of musician I want to be and trained me how the whole music business works,” Malakar told reporters during a Wednesday conference call, as reported by Reality TV World.

“With this, you have a lot of time to get introspective and really think about your life and what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right — just analyze everything to the point where when you come out of the jungle you’re able to be a different person and see your life in a different way and value things that you took for granted. In that sense, this is more of a life-learning experience. So I got a little more out of this.”

He continues to talk about the other celebrities by saying, “They’re kind of here like, ‘I’ve been successful. I know what I’m doing. I’m coming in as, ‘Okay, I had a successful run on a very powerful show and I’ve been working hard, but I still have a long way to go.’”

So what was one of the hardest parts of being in the jungle? “I was told that I absolutely could not sing anything because anytime I sang they couldn’t use a lot of the footage,” he explained. “So my entire energy fell because singing is my outlet.” “I had to kind of find ways to do it quietly,” he said about singing. “I felt like it was a drug and I was trying to hide it from everyone… I was definitely affected by it, but I found ways to get around it.”

“I definitely think that Holly being close to my age made it a lot easier for me to be comfortable and value the last year of [being a] teenager,” he explained. “For me, I was using this as a way to mature and come into my manhood. At certain points I forgot that I am still a teenager — I need to be able to get out the youthful energy that I still have before I try to mature myself to fast. Holly definitely helped me to capture that and stay true to that.”

“I know for a fact that our friendship [with Holly] is incredibly strong. I look forward to continuing our friendship and continuing to get to know her outside of the camp,” he explained. “But it’s a different situation when you’re getting to know someone in their comfort zone, their environment.” “We’re planning on going on vacation to Hawaii or something — some jungle outside of the camp where we can have luxuries,” he told reporters. “I think that’ll be our first official friend vacation.”

What about Sanjaya’s future plans? “I’m definitely still focusing on music,” he said. “I’m actually going to move from New York to Seattle for a little bit, I’m planning on putting together a kind of independent artist band. I’m trying to find some artists from Seattle that are really in it for the music of it all and not the drama of celebrity. When you find those people, that’s when you get the best music out of it.”

“I’m staying on the same path as far as music is concerned and I’m going to continue to work on music and record and get my CD out there,” he said. “But I’m really kind of focusing on making sure what I do put out is very much myself, very much that kind of independent music that I wanted to do from the beginning.”

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