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So You Think You Can Dance Results Are In

June 25, 2009 09:12 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance loses two more as the pairing of dancers continues and we see some dancers of some kind and a group of singers called the Veronicas who will lip-sync while we wait for results.The group number was the hottest group effort I have ever seen on the SYTYCD stage from Napoleon and Tabitha and Cat Deeley entered with her usual grace and style.

Nigel gave a very touching tribute to the three stars we lost recently in Ed McMahon, who died earlier in the week and Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson who died today. Nigel said that it was apapo that they show a part of the Thriller video going into the break and said that dancing changed because of Michael Jackson and that many dancers who audition for SYTYCD were influenced by Michael Jackson.

The first five couples were on the stage; Asuka and Vitolio’s Jazz routine was not an American favorite and were the first couple to go to the bottom three; Janette and Brandon’s Hip-Hop routine was announced safe; Randi and Evan’s Mia Michaels butt routine was announced safe; Jeanine and Phillip’s Broadway routine was safe and Melissa and Ade’s Rumba routine was called safe, which means that of the three couples left, two will be in the bottom three.


Carla and Jonathan’s Hip Hop routine slipped them in the bottom three; Caitlyn and Jason’s Paso Doble and Kopono and Kayla’s Waltz were the last profiled and they were good enough to go forward sending Caitlyn and Jason dancing for their lives.

Some tiny B-Boys danced and we definitely saw some future SYTYCD alumni strutting across the stage as the bottom three readied themselves for their solo dances. Tall Cat Deeley even gave a bow to the little dancers to pay homage to the dynamic B-Boys and the bottom six gave it their all to stay in the competition.


Finally, what we were all waiting for, the Veronicas, sang their techno-hit and to keep in the spirit of SYTYCD, they had some dancers dance around on the stage to try to look like they belonged in the song somehow.


The judges were finally back in their seats and Nigel called the girls forward and said they were unanimous in their vote and first said that Caitlyn was safe. Carla was called desperate tonight and Asuka was told she was going tonight and I, for one, did not want to see her go.


The guys were next and Nigel said it was not a unanimous decision with the guys. Vitolio was said that he was holding back; Jonathan was told he was not good in his performance and Jason said that his solo was full of desperation and finally, Jason was sent home on he heels of a bad Hip-Hop routine.

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