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The Fashion Show: Paying Homage To Fashion Icons

June 25, 2009 08:38 PM by Britteny Elrick


The tension between Daniella and Reco is at an all-time, awkward high, and Merlin is slowly becoming a conspiracy theorist. Tonight on The Fashion Show,designers will be tested on their knowledge ofsome of thefashion world’s greatesticons; unfortunately, they weren’t iconic enough for some of the designers to know who they were…

You know the drill. The designers are given their Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge in which they will play a Jeopardy style game of fashion history. Isaac asks the designers several questions about world famous fashion icons such as Chanel, Versace, Pucci, etc. Anna wins the challenge and the designers are told to head to the runway.


Isaac tells them that they will be creating an outfit that pays homage to the fashion icons of their previous quiz. He reveals several famous designs and Anna gets to decide which designers will be paired with which outfits. Of course, Anna tries to screw over Reco and Merlin by pairing them with designers they’ve never heard of. Genius? Absolutely.

As soon as the designers get to work, Merlin starts spreading his conspiracy theory that all the girls are threatened by their originality. Reco is out to show Anna what’s up, however, he’s designing a corset and according to her, Halston never did corsets. When Isaac and Kelly come to visit, they immediately tell Reco that Halston was the most modern designer in the world. Isaac touches his hand to his forehead and says, “Is this a corset?” Apparently, Anna was right. Haven is entirely confused with her design and Anna is struggling with her “Chanel”jacket. Her design looks way too old.


It’s the day of The Fashion Show and the designers are feeling the pressure. Haven’s literally backstage sewing her dress on the model. Her design is up first and she made a Eve Saint Laurent pantsuit. Danielladesigned a Dior pantsuit that was actually quite cute, andAnna designed a black and white dress with the purple granny jacket, inspired by Chanel.

Reco’s “Halston” inspired dress was an off the shoulder, flowing dress with a corset. Johnny did an edgy Versace dress, and James-Paul made an amazing skirt/blouse combo inspired by Pucci. He was thrilled that Anna didn’t realize how much he had previously studied Pucci’s designs. Merlin’s Madame Gres dress was also a gamble, since he didn’t know who she was.

At the judging, the top three designs are Johnny’s, Anna’s, and Daniella’s. Oh, it’s Reco’s worst nightmare. They do criticize Anna’s granny jacket, but loved the dress. Daniella’s pantsuit scored points, and Johnny’s dress was a perfect homage to Versace. Johnny wins the challenge and his design will be sold by Bravo.


Isaac tells the designers that Reco and Haven’s designs were disappointing to the fashion gods. 90% of the audience said they wouldn’t buy his dress and the judges rip apart his design. One judge says that the corset makes his model look like a “wench.” They keep beating the poor, deadly horse byasking him how he couldn’t have known anything about Halston. Fern says that Halston was the master minimalist and if he’d just have made a piece of material that hung to the floor, it would have been more on point. Reco starts to cry big, fat elephant tears.

Kelly asks Haven what “era” she was striving for in her outfit. She says 80′s. Oh, Haven, you material girl, get over it already. Issac can’t get over her choice of brown wool for fabric. In the end, Isaac says, “It’s not just about sewing, it’s about knowing.” This makes you think that Reco will be leaving… but oh, oh the trickery! Haven is sent packing.


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One Response to “The Fashion Show: Paying Homage To Fashion Icons”

  1. labiscuit Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Yeah, it’s not just about sewing, it’s about knowing. Apparently *I* know about famous designers than Merlin. If you don’t know your history, how can you make something new? I love Anna and I hope she wins.


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