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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Breaks Down

June 26, 2009 07:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


With her family a constant source of tabloid and media attention, Kate Gosselin is having a hard time holding things together. Last Monday, the couple announced their split on their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, and subsequently filed divorce papers. According to a recent report in In Touch Weekly, Kate has been slowly losing it for awhile…

According to theissue of InTouch Weekly on stands now:

Kate Gosselin’s husband, Jon, was out of town on June 17, and with her trusted bodyguard Steve Neild nowhere in sight, the mother of eight tried in vain to keep it together. Her face a mask of pain, Kate walked alone to the edge of her driveway, where she spoke to another security guard named Luke. “He walked Kate back to the house, and you could see that she was breaking down,” says a witness. “She started wiping the tears from her eyes.” Before long, Kate was crying, the onlooker says, adding, “Luke was comforting her.”

It was the last time Kate was seen at the $1.1 million house in Reading, Pa., before her marriage â⬔ and most of her world â⬔ fell apart. Less than a week later, on June 22, the couple filed for divorce. And while Jon seems equipped to move on, insiders say Kate is living in a private hell. Lonely and deeply unhappy, Kate has seen the family life she worked so hard to create crumble â⬔ along with her well-cultivated image as America’s ideal mom. Once known as the more practical, level-headed parent on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate has let her controlling ways get the best of her â⬔ and lost so much of everything she cared about in the process.

Caught on camera spanking one of her children and threatening to hit another, and with rumors swirling about an alleged affair with Steve (which Kate has vigorously denied and Steve’s wife, Gina, also reportedly denied and described as “ridiculous”), Kate has seen her reputation take a nosedive in recent weeks, along with her marriage. And she’s left with barely anyone to confide in. Disputes over child-rearing issues have cost Kate close friends like her sister-in-law Jodi Kreider and co-author Beth Carson. And though Jon and Kate claim to want to be friends, that seems unlikely. “They both changed because of the popularity of the show,” says a friend of the couple. “They totally grew apart and have now morphed into two strangers.”

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