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Here Come The Newlyweds: Nate Berkus Judges Design Challenge

June 29, 2009 08:14 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight it’s down to the final four onHere Come The Newlyweds. As the total prize nears almost a half million dollars, the stakes are higher than ever. The couples will have to assess each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as design a living room that accurately combines both of their tastes. Decorating together? Well, hopefully some of them will still be married by the end of the show.

The couples go on a field trip to the basketball court. Their challenge is to be in tune with their partner’s strengths and weaknesses by predicting how many free throws they will make. Let me just go ahead and make a blanket statement here: all of them are terrible and should never consider joining any kind of team.Even for fun. Let’s just say they generously overestimated themselves. The couples get a total of $35k added to the pot. They choose Kenny McMoriss to make one shot in attempt to double their entire sum – and he makes it! This brings the total prize up to $410k.


The next day Pat greets the newlyweds in the living room for what he hopes will be an eye-opening experience. Well, unfortunately,they’ll have tojust settle for awkward. In comes the licensed hypnotist. His goal is to try to enhance their relationships, whilst Pat sits and makes fun of them. He gets them to close their eyes and envision a bunch of balloons carrying them away. Kenny McMorris actually rises up off the couch as the balloons carry him away, and everyone thinks he’s faking. During the next hypnosis, ALL of the men are wandering on the floor “smelling the best smell they have ever smelt.” The girls are just sitting there watching in awe. Then he has them tell their wives something they have never said before and they all cry. It’s weird. Okay, enough of this.


Next up is the elimination challenge in which the couples will have to design a stylish living room that reflects their combined tastes. Hottie decorator Nate Berkus comes to help judge the designs. They depart to go shopping for paint and furniture to fill their empty spaces. The Corlisses immediately find a bed with mirrors attached and get sidetracked.


Later on, the couples are knee deep in paint and Mrs. Newbery politely says to her British hubby, “I don’t feel a sense of urgency from you.” Does anyone really talk like that? Finally, the designs are judged. Let’s just say that the designs are about as good as their athletic skills. Nate chooses the McMorrises and the Newberys as the top two. Ultimately, he chooses the Newberys, and they haveimmunity for the second week in a row.

Pat offers them $40k, and again they decline. Although the Newberys had mentioned to the Hinkins that if they vote for the McMorrises they will be safe, it turns out they are in the bottom two – along with the Corlisses. It’s the fourth time for the Corlisses, but they aren’t walking the plank yet because the Hinkins are going home. As they are leaving, the Hinkins discover that McMorrises voted them out, although they said they wouldn’t. But in true nicey-nice fashion, the Hinkins still give them words of encouragement.


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