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The Bachelorette: Shocks and Surprises!

June 29, 2009 07:06 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC’s The Bachelorette, it’s time for Jillian Harris to travel to meet the guys’ families – but what everyone’s really waiting for is to see if Jake, who will shockingly return on tonight’s episode, will finally succeed in busting bad boy, Wes!

Reid’s Hometown Date

Reid, the neurotic hypochondriac, gets the first hometown date – he says if even one of his family members disapproves then Jillian isn’t the girl for him. Okay! Reid’s mom, Donna, is ready to put Jillian to work on their house – they’ll be a team! Trooper Jillian gets a glass of wine into her and relaxes, but she can’t hide her shock when Reid’s brothers tell him that up until now, girls have just left Reid – he hasn’t been ready for marriage! She recovers though, and soon, other family members crowd in with a birthday cake. Jillian and Reid kiss as everyone gapes.

Michael’s Hometown Date

Next up, Michael, the cute break-dance instructor, prepares to host Jillian in Astoria, New York. He literally boings up and down on the floor when his twin brother Steve comes through the door! Before long Jillian shows up and the energy is off the charts as Michael squeezes her in greeting! She meets the ‘rents, and then heads into the kitchen with June Cleaver, er, mom, leaving Steve and Mike free to plan a twin switcheroo!

Michael comes into the kitchen wearing Steve’s clothes, but Jillian isn’t fooled – they pronounce her to be the real deal. In a poignant moment, Mike is warned by his dad that he might get his heart flattened! Outside, Steve promotes his brother’s cause to Jillian. They sit down to dinner, and Michael is floored by the arrival of his sister Jen who has come all the way from Australia! Dancing in the living room ensues!


Kiptyn’s Hometown Date

Jillian’s seemingly perfect man, Kiptyn, welcomes her to San Diego, California. He warns that his family might ‘bring the heat’. Jillian finds the house to be quite luxurious – and starts to worry that she won’t fit in. Upon meeting her, the parents take Jillian straight out back to show her their jacuzzi, and poke fun at her famous hot tub scene from The Bachelor!

With no time to even catch her breath, Jillian is next drawn into a taste test in which she has to identify his stepfather’s lasagna, and the better of two wines. Jillian passes – luckily. Over dinner, the sister grills Jillian, then, satisfied with the answers – tells her brother to go ahead and get her pregnant! Jillian survives the mom – who is pretty intense – and comes out of it with approval. As Kiptyn and Jillian head out for some Jacuzzi time, mom watches creepily from the house!

Jesse’s Hometown Date

Jillian meets up with Jesse next, in Carmel Valley, California. They start out at a winery/vineyard. Jesse and Jillian compare notes on whether they have reservations – she tells him she’s not sure he’s ready for marriage and kids. Jillian meets the slightly eccentric family, and over wine, Grizzly Adams, aka, Jesse’s brother Jacob, informs her that he is not dating anyone – women are expensive! Outside, the brother laughs uproariously at Jesse’s claim that he would want to be married with kids within five years!

Jillian meets with the mom, and then sits down with the cynical Jacob, who tells her that at least she’s a lot better than Jesse’s other girlfriends! Soon, the entire Kovacs family is rocking out in the middle of the house with Jesse on drums, and Jillian jumps right in. Later, kissing takes place as Jesse says he wants to move forward. The date leaves one wondering if Jesse once looked like his very hairy bro, and merely shaved for the show,hmm,


Wes’s Hometown Date

Jillian meets with Wes in Austin, Texas. On the ride over she notes that there is something that one of them is holding back – she needs to figure that out! Duh! Wes takes Jillian directly to meet his band, and puts on a staged performance for national television, er, Jillian. She beams.

Jake makes another appearance on the show, saying that since he left Canada, he’s been just sick – he needs to protect Jillian – he needs to tell her that Wes has a girlfriend! He calls Tanner and asks if he thinks he’s doing the right thing – Jillian should probably know before she meets his family!

Meanwhile, Jillian is still listening to Wes’s songs, and is so flattered that she is now envisioning spending the rest of her life with him! With eyes shifting from side-to-side, Wes declares to Jillian that he’s not a good liar – he really is in this for the right reasons (guess the ‘right reason’ is to further his career) – and she buys it hook, line, and sinker!

Wes vs Jake

Blind Jillian is waiting blissfully for Wes to come and take her to meet his family. There is a knock at the door – it’s Jake. He surprises her by saying he isn’t there to get her back, and explains that he thinks she’s going to have a rough time with one of the guys. She guesses that it’s Wes right away, but thinks it’s about the career. Jake, saying his body is numb, plunges in and tells her that Wes told him he has a girlfriend. Her name is Laurel – and they discussed Laurel more than three times! Jillian is floored, and even swears a little! Jake says Wes will deny it – he’s quick on his feet. She thanks Jake and he says she can use his name, and that he will come back if she needs him – awwww!


When Wes arrives, she asks him once again, if there is anything else he wants to tell her. He plays dumb, but when Jillian blurts that someone told her he has a girlfriend, he stares. He gives himself away by asking if it was one of his band members that told her that, but that goes over her head, and she says it was Jake. Wes says exactly what Jake told her he would – that he is still friends with his ex – then puts it all on her, saying she will have to decide if he’s telling the truth or not. Jillian calls Jake to come down.

Wes greets Jake at the door saying, “Jake! Man of character.” Jake says he’s not happy that he’s there. He points out that he isn’t there to get a rose – he’s there to protect Jillian from getting hurt. Wes appears to lie outright to Jake’s face as he denies it again. Jake embraces Jillian as he leaves, and tells the camera that she is just an innocent girl trying to find love and Wes is in the way – he should be ashamed! Once alone, Jake actually breaks down in tears! Awwww!

Wes convinces gullible Jillian to go meet his family. They all talk him up without ever actually saying that he does not have a girlfriend! Jillian seems to be fully and completely back into Wes by the time they leave the house. Wes writes Jake off as a jealous backstabber. Viewers everywhere are throwing things at their television sets!

Back in L.A.

Jillian tells the camera that she can’t handle anymore surprises – so naturally, Ed comes to the door! He says he has re-prioritized and needs to be there with her. Jillian isn’t exactly thrilled, saying that she went through a lot after he left. Ed says he made a bad choice and asks her to put him back in the running. She tells him to show up at the rose ceremony that night and grins.


Chris Harrison sits Jillian down for a dish session before the rose ceremony. They talk about Ed, and Chris points out that she won’t be able to meet his family. They also discuss Wes. She says that there are some huge issues with him, but she’d rather be wrong and get burned than just follow what someone else says.

At the rose ceremony, Chris tells the guys that someone else is joining them – Ed appears which causes a great deal of head-shaking and upset faces. Jillian comes out. She gives roses to Reid, Kiptyn, Ed, and Wes. People everywhere scream in frustration!

Michael and Jesse are going home. They each hug Jillian. On his way out – surprise, surprise – Jesse says that Wes is there for the wrong reasons. Michael, however, tells her she’s got good guys left, and cries on his way out – he was probably in love, and would have proposed. Jillian tells the remaining guys that they will go to Spain next!

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2 Responses to “The Bachelorette: Shocks and Surprises!”

  1. safiyah73 Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 12:29 am

    Oh…my….GOD!!! This girl is helping everyone see the real reason why she hasn’t been successful at love so far…..she’s attracted to jerks!I can’t believe she sent Jake home, who is so attractive and genuine, and kept slimy Wes!

    If I found out that a guy was just using me to further his music career, I would physically toss him out the door myself. I cannot believe the spell he has her under! She is really crazy for letting him stick around……if she doesn’t pick Ed in the end, she might as well give up on love altogether!

  2. Britteny Elrick Says:
    July 12th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    tell. me. about. it. safiyah!


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