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The Next Food Network Star: The Ultimate American Meal

June 29, 2009 12:40 AM by Cindy Adams


In this episode of The Next Food Network Star, the contestants got to cook for the brave military and Debbie becomes a casualty of the cooking war by getting wounded in the kitchen. Ouch!

The contestants met Bobby Flay in the kitchen and were given The Next Food Network Star challenge of creating the ultimate burger based on a certain region of the United States. The winner got their hamburger featured at Bobby’s Burger Palace in Connecticut, Bobby’s new restaurant. They had 20 minutes to cook theirdish and then gave a 30-second presentation why the burger was personal and why it was the ultimate burger.


Melissa cooked a Burlington Vermont Burger; Michael made a Mulberry Street Burger based on the Little Italy area of New York; Debbie created a Cal-Asian Burger; Jamika made a Mardi Gras Madness New Orleans Burger; Jeffrey cooked a California Convertible Burger; Teddy made a Pennsylvania Burger; and Katie created a San Francisco Market Turkey Burger for this Next Food Network Star challenge.

Unfortunately, for Katie, turkey is dangerous to eat if not cooked thoroughly. She couldn’t cook her dish in 20 minutes and she was freaking out because of the problem she had two weeks ago with uncooked lamb. Get it together Katie!


Melissa gave a fantastic presentation. Jeffreystarted to fall flat and become a bore because he doesn’t change from week to week. Yawn. Teddy was his usual quirky self, and was like an obnoxious game show host during the presentation.

Debbie was great at presenting her food, but the judges felt it had no flavor.


Michael was so nervous in front of the cameraâ⬔again! Surprisingly, Jamika’s personality didn’t come through and sounded like she was a pitchwoman. Katie fell flat and was so worried about the uncooked turkey burger.

Although Michael was nervous, he had the best burger and was charming so he won the challenge. He said he wanted to make out with Bobby! Oh my!


The next challenge was at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, a huge aircraft carrier. Guy Fieri, winner of season 2 of The Next Food Network Star, walked in with the color guard.


The contestants were assigned the task of creating a homecoming party for soldiers returning from the Middle East, along with their families. Each had to cook a dish specific to a state. They were given baskets with the ingredients they had to use. They also had to come up with a story about themselves and the food. The winner would be featured on the cover of USA Weekend Magazine. They only had 1.5 hours to cook.

Teddy got New York and cooked a DLTâ⬔a seared duck breast with apple flavored chutney with cream soda. He was so nervous at the presentation it was embarrassing and uncomfortable. But, the judges loved his food.

Jeffrey had the state of Maine. He cooked a lobster pot pie with a blueberry infusion. Sounds good, but looked like a runny mess! Yuck! One of the judges called it disgusting. Jeffrey had a flat presentation.


Melissa had the flavors of New Mexico. She cooked a yummy honey, chili, skirt steak tostada with black beans and honey mango salsa. It looked so delicious! She was great presenting her food too, telling the audience how poor she was as a child.

Katie got Georgia and made catfish encrusted in Panco, almond, and cornmeal crust, with sweet Vidalia greens, and hot red peppers.

Jamika had the foods of Wisconsin. She made a baked potato casserole that was even worse than Jeffrey’s dish. It looked like slop and was a gluey mess.


Michael got Hawaii and made Kampachi crusted with avocado and macadamia nuts with pineapple sauce. He was so likable and entertaining presenting his food.

Debbie had the flavors of California and made chicken breast with red wine sauce, and green beans with ginger almond crunch. All thought she did well, even though she was justrammed in the face by Michael with a sheet pan. It was a total accident, but looked and soundedawfully painful.


Poor Debbie had to walk around with an icepack on her face from the blow. Michael felt so bad, and it kind of threw him off his game.


At elimination the judges thought Jamika had the best presentation, but hated her food. They liked Katie’s dish, but slammed her for her raw turkey burger earlier and the uncooked lamb 2 weeks ago. Katie was so embarrassed and broke down in tears.


The judges told Teddy he made them nervous with his “herky jerky” movements when he presented his food. They were shocked how bad Jeffrey’s food was and want to see more edge from him.

Melissa won the challenge because her food tasted great and her presentation was heartwarming.

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  1. Cyriae Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Can you believe that Food Network’s star Guy Fieri is hosting yet another show!? He will actually be hosting a new game show on NBC called “Minute to Win it”. How many show does he have now? Like four? Wow…watch out Ryan Seacrest! LOL


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