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America’s Got Talent 06/30/09: New York and Chicago Auditions

June 30, 2009 07:11 PM by Paulene Hinds

america's got talent new york auditions

Nick Cannon began America’s Got Talentby introducing the esteemed judges; Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff to New York city. Thousands of people arrived to show America that they have what it takes to win the big prize.

nick cannon america's got talent

Nick said it was time to take a bite out of the big apple and see if New York has talent. First up was 62 year old grandmother Carol who came to dance tonight. Aside from the neck flailing, she was awesome. Sharon Osbourne thought that she was wonderfully bizarre. She was off to Vegas.

The rest of New York hoped to surprise the judges with their talent including Joseph the yoyo king, the Diva League drag queen dancers and Chris who ate a light bulb and all made their way to Vegas tonight.

New York was on a roll and everyone there was dreaming big. The next contestant was a magician named Jay. He thought for sure he had the talent to go to Vegas. Although he looked like a bumblebee, his act was amazing. Piers Morgansaid his act had pizzazz and had star quality. His interesting and entertaining performance was on its way to Vegas.

Next, the auditions travelled to Chicago and David Hasselhoff was hoping to see some real talent. First up was a man named Franklin, a juvenile court judge from Detroit, who tried to sing the song Downtown. Stick to juvie court buddy! Piers Morgan toldhim he couldn’t sing…no kidding!I would prefer the death penalty to listening to this guy.

The auditions didn’t go very well in Chicagountil 14 year old Thia came out to sing for the judges. Her voice was very mature for her age. She was a natural and gifted. She changed the tide for Chicago and was off to Vegas. Piers Morgantold her she was the best singer he has seen this season.

A little guy was up next and Jeffrey was hoping to win the judges over with his little performance. It was apparently the weirdest act that has ever been on the show. A big NO from all three judges. He went to the wayside along with Witches in Bikinis, Robert Myers and Samba Samba Samba.

The FabFive came onnext hoping to change the bad luck in Chicago. The sisters performed a step dance routine that was out of this world. They were tight and together and their energy was super charged.They were deservinglyoff to Vegas.

The auditionswere nearing the end of the day in Chicago when country boy Kevin the unempolyedchicken catchercame out to sing for the judges. Piers Morgan said that he was going to be bad even before he started, but he was actually a fantastic singer! Piers Morgan apologized for saying that he was going to be a total car crash and he was off to Vegas! David Hasselhoff was moved by his performance and said “That is what entertainment is all about!”

America’s Got Talent returns tomorrow night, only on NBC.

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