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Dance Your Ass Off: Episode 1

June 30, 2009 01:07 AM by Cindy Adams


The twelve Dance Your Ass Off finalists began their journey into dance, fitness, and nutrition to try to literally dance their asses off toward the $100,000 prize!

Thehuge loftwhere the contestants are stayingis awesome and had an “Eat” cabinet with healthy food and a “Cheat” cabinet with junk food. Guess where the Dance Your Ass Off contestants went first? Yes, the cheat cabinet! Not a good choice people!

After everyone arrived, the host of Dance Your Ass Off, Marissa, greeted everyone. She told them how things would go downâ⬔they would each get a professional dance partner, a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, a choreographer, and a costume designer. Also, to make sure everyone stays healthy is Dr. Rob Huizenga, of Biggest Loser fame.


Each got their own private loft, and these lofts are sweet! Next door is Crunch Gym, and upstairs are 2 dance rehearsal spaces.

Each contestant has to eat healthy, work out twice a day, and dance at least 2 hours a day. The three judges, choreographer Mayte Garcia, actress Lisa Ann Walter, and UK choreographer Danny Teeson dole out scores from 1 to 10.


Everyone weighed-in at the beginning of the week and weighed in after their performance to find their total percentage of body weight lost. The two with the least amount of weight loss dance last.

Alicia was first to dance with partner Italo to “The Cup of Life.” She was amazing and did a split at the end. Ouch. Her total average score was 6.3. She lost 2.91% of her body weight, so her total was 9.21.


Ruben was next with partner Hilary, dancing to Cher’s “Believe.” He was totally buff and even lifted Hilary into the air. His average score was 6 and he lost 4.42% of body weight, with a total score of 10.42.


Shayla danced her ass off next with dance partner Mario to “Proud Mary.” She looked just like a larger version of Tina Turner. She even did a cartwheel! Her average score was 7, and she lost 2.37% of her body weight. Her score was 9.37.


Warren hip-hopped with Sarah to “Jump Around.” They put Warren in a strange costume, but he rocked it. The judges thought he didn’t connect with his partner, so his average score was 5.3. His total percentage of weight loss was 3.24, so his total score was 8.54.


Trice danced with her partner, Jesus, to Rihanna’s “Disturbia.” Wow! She really got into it, but her booty shaking during the splits at the end was almost obscene! Really could have done without that. Her average was 6, she lost 4.15% of her body weight, and her total was 10.15.


Angela danced with Kenny to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Sorry, but I almost fell asleep during this performance and the judges agreed. Her average score was 5.3 and her percentage of weight los was only 1.8, so her total was 7.18.


Mara dance with Paul to the Black Eyed Peas, “My Humps.” She was amazing and put everything into it. Danny, the UK judge gave her the highest score yet of 8, and her average was 7.3. She lost 2.52% of her body weight, so her total score was 9.82.


Tara danced with Michael to “Let It Rock.” She looked like a rocker chick, but had afrightening face the whole time. Her average was 5.7, the percentage of body fat she lost was 4.5, and her total was 7.6.


Karla and her partner, Jull, danced to the Salt-n-Pepa classic, “Push It.” Her dance moves weren’t precise, but she was funny. She actually did the snake! Her average was 7, she lost 5.43% of her body weight, so her total was 12.43.


Miles and his dance partner, Michelle, danced swing style to “Jump Jive N-Wail.” Miles was a true swinger and even flipped Michelle over his back! Way to go Miles! Lisa gave him the next 8, and his average score was 7.3. His percentage of body weight lost was 2.65, and his total score was 9.95.


The last to dance and the two with the least amount of weight loss were Brandon and Pinky.

Brandon danced with Yesenia to Ne-Yo’s “Forever.” Brandon was so cute preparing for the dance. He’s a virgin and said he’s never danced that close to a woman. It didn’t help that he thought Yesenia was gorgeous! He did really well and got an average score of 6.7. He lost 1.56% of his body weight, and his total was 8.26.


Pinky and Mr. lucky (yes, that’s the dancer’s name! Whatever!) danced to one of my favorites, Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” She is a B-girl and it showed. Pinky got an 8 from Danny and her average was 7.3. The percentage of

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