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Jillian Harris Defends Her Decision To Keep Wes

July 01, 2009 10:21 AM by Britteny Elrick


Jillian Harris weighed in onthe recent episode of The Bachelorettewhich has everyonetalking about her apparent inability to make good decisions. Ahem, Wes. I mean, how many more warning signs, subliminal messages, and visits from ousted bachelors does this girl need? Jillianaddressed all this and more on her bachelorette blog this week. Keep reading for all the details…

“It is hard reading… how disappointed you all are with me for keeping Wes… I totally understand where you’re coming from though and I know how frustrating it is when you wish I could have seen what you’re seeing now (I feel your pain!),”Jillian said yesterday on her blog for PEOPLE.

“But if there is any consolation to you at all, it is that my promise still stands… I AM a smart girl, and I AM extremely happy with the final result. And the most important decision (which is the only one that really matters) was the right one!”

This all comes after a face to face confrontation between Wes and ousted bachelor Jake, who flew back to tell Jillian that Wes did indeed have a girlfriend.AfterJillian brokedown into a puddle of tears, Wes deniedeverything just like Jake predicted and charmed Jillian right back into his heart. If you missed it, you can check out the recap here.

According to Reality TV World, Chris Harrison agrees with us.Chris posted on his Entertainment Weekly blogthat he thought Wes was “finally going down.” “Wes turns on the Texas charm and two-steps right out of this mess. I’m saying right here and now that I’m not responsible for anything that was thrown at your TV,” wrote Harrison.

Jillian also weight in on Ed’s surprising return after he left the show for fear of losing his job. “Watching this show I can definitely say it looks like this was all set up. I know that’s what you all are thinking… but it really wasn’t,” wrote Jillian.

“The dude really did fight to come back, and I was SHOCKED. There were so many things flying through my mind like, ‘Is he The One? What if he isn’t? How will the other guys feel about this? Is this fair? Does it matter? And boy, does Ed look cute in his argyle sweater.’ Although I knew I had strong feelings for Ed, I knew accepting him back would be controversial but I didn’t want to always wonder ‘what if’ and had to figure why I couldn’t get this guy off my mind while we were away.”

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