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So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Perform

July 01, 2009 07:34 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance continues its downward, or should we say upward, slide to the Top Ten dancers; you know the ones who get to dance their way around the country and probably end up getting a dancing gig in the process. For those keeping score at home, we now have fourteen left and we will see the seven couples do their best to stay out of the bottom three on elimination night. Admittedly, this has been the best group yet and it is hard to see week after week who the judges decide to give the boot as us mere mortals are not as versed in the nuances of dance technique as many times their darn solos are the tipping point. Who knew those things really mattered?

Cat Deeley sashayed out after the fourteen did cute little dance moves in skimpy outfits, I mean, dancewear, and greeted the judges and guest judge, Mia Michaels who would do her best to squash the hopes of many a dancer.


Janette and Brandon hit the floor first with Jean Marc and his wife’s Miami Salsa Cha-Cha routine and we can definitely say this is not your parent’s Cha-Cha. Can you say oozing sex appeal? The couple as definitely hit their stride together. Nigel said it was the best Cha-Cha he had ever seen on the SYTYCD stage calling Brandon the Michelangelo of the dance floor. Mary added her “Hot Tamale Train” scream in a very vivacious manner and Mia Michaels gave Brandon a huge compliment even though she had really been tough on him.

Kayla and Kopono did a contemporary routine for the second routine of the night and after the tremendous start from Brandon and Janette, they had a long road to tread to get on the Hot Tamale Train from Mary. Contemporary is always a fickle one to judge and with Mia Michaels on the panel, it would be interesting to see what was said. Nigel liked their routine, especially calling out Kopono as good and Mary called it tremendous calling their transitions superb. Mia Michaels called it the best contemporary piece ever on the show and said the couple was dynamic together.


Randi and Evan were doing a Broadway routine by choreographer Jody Dowling and the couple is so suited for doing exactly that. Randi and Evan have had some of the most memorable routines on the show to date and this was sassy and fun as are most Broadway routines. Compared to the first two routines, this one was not as memorable and Nigel complimented Randi and dissed Evan a bit. Mary said that they did their style well and Mia added that she thought they didn’t take it to the next level.

Jason and Caitlin were doing a Brian Friedman alien invasion routine and after being in the bottom three for the last two weeks they knew they had to bring it this week. The routine was certainly funky and with alien procreation how could you go wrong. Nigel said it was very weird but that the couple committed 100% to the dance. Mary said that it looked fun but it didn’t sit right with her and Mia said that it was a nice performance and it was fun. Essentially, they are headed into the bottom three for the third week in a row.


Phillip and Jeanine have a Hip-Hop routine once again with Napoleon and Tabitha and another crazy routine as the couple were going to be chained together during the routine. The routine was extremely enjoyable and the couple made no mis-steps being chained together. Nigel said that it was tremendous and that Jeanine was brilliant. Mary said it was incredibly creative and said that Jeanine was incredible and Mia was not quite as gracious but said that it was a great job.

Melissa and Ade were doing a Thordel Christensen routine doing a Romeo and Juliette dance love story. It was a ballet routine, at least there were pointy shoes involved, and it was quite graceful, but will audiences pick up the phone for the love story. Nigel thought it was beautifully done; Mary said that the she just loved it and Mia said that she was so excited to be celebrating classical ballet onSYTYCD and that Melissa was brilliant.


In a quick promo for a new foundation called the Dizzy Feet Foundation that is aimed at giving scholarships for under-privileged kids and it looks like it is going to be a fantastic new avenue for guiding young dancers into the world of dance. Nigel also added that on July 23rd, it will be the 100th episode ofSYTYCD and that Katie Holmes would be doing a dance and donating her fee to the Dizzy Feet Foundation.


Karla and Vitolio finished out the show with the Quick-Step and, as always, it is difficult dance to master and as a new pairing, it was crucial that they were out-of-the-box good. Jean Marc and his wife were once again choreographing a routine and it looks like it is yet another prop-laden routine. You could tell the pair was still getting used to each other but they managed to put on a consistent routine. Nigel said that it was entertaining and Mary added that they brought the whole thing to life. Mia said that Jean Marc was a genius and that he made them by his choreography.

Tomorrow night it will be tough to say who will be in the bottom three and it gets tougher and tougher to assess with each passing week as tomorrow we lose two more.

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