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American Idol: Top 10 Discuss Upcoming Tour

July 02, 2009 10:35 AM by Britteny Elrick


The American Idoltop 10 recently met up with E! News to discuss their upcoming tour scheduled to start on Sunday, July 5 in Portland. Each of the Idols dished on crowded buses,song choices,and even their outfits. Keep reading for the entire interview…

The gang told Marc Malkin of E! News last week:

“The guys’ tour bus is overcrowded. There’s only one bus for the boys and there are seven of us, and no, Adam and Kris don’t get their own bus,” Scott MacIntyre toldE! last week.Michael Sarver agreed, “I’m not gonna lie. I just wish it was part of the budget to have a third bus. It’s like the testosterone tour this year. No one is looking forward to the cramped boys’ bus.”

Indeed, the girls have it easier with just three female contestants, a mom and a backup singer or two. “We got lucky,” joked Allison Iraheta. “I feel bad for them!”

Michael Sarver: “The order of performances goes in the order of elimination. So, since I was the first of the top 10 to be eliminated, I’m opening the show. And the higher you got in the competition, the more songs you get to do in your own set. I think it’s the best spot of the night because you get all that fresh energy from the crowd and you get to introduce the whole show. I need to get them on their feet and energized. I’m doing two songs I didn’t do on the show, but I don’t want to spoil it.”

Megan Joy: “One song I’m doing is Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry on their Own. It’ll be jamsy [sic]. And my color is pink. I’m wearing a supertight, super minidress. I’m gonna be the skanky one. It’s going to be fun.”

Scott MacIntyre: “My set is going to be along the lines of singer-songwriter, pop-rock, British pop and very acoustic rock. But I’m planning on getting everyone singing. I will be using the piano in a major way on the tour.”

Matt Giraud: “My Twitter fans wanted me to do Georgia on My Mind [made famous by Ray Charles], and I listen to them, so that’s one of my songs. What’s great about this tour is that we have choreographers now for our own individual sets. We should’ve had that one the show. I didn’t have the coolest moves like some people on the show.”

Anoop Desai: “My set goes from ballads to [Bobby Brown's] My Prerogative, but it’ll be cooler than how I did it on the show. I’m embarrassed when I look back at that performance. This will be more refined. I like bigger crowds. I just don’t like four people sitting at a table talking to each other while I’m singing. So yeah, I’m looking forward to the bigger crowds. It’ll be nice to sing without having to worry about camera blocking.”

Lil Rounds: “My set is the party set. You gotta have your dancing shoes on for my set. I’m doing the leading ladies of R&B. I have choreography and dancing. I’ve been told my set is one of the harder sets to do vocally as well as moving-around-wise. We all picked songs based on who we are trying to be as an artist.”

Allison Iraheta: “I’m doing three songs. One is one from the show, [Janis Joplin's] Cry Baby. I really enjoyed doing that one so much. My set is rock. I’m gonna be sweating. After rehearsal the other day, Kris gave me a hug and he was like, ‘ewww.’ My shirt was soaked in sweat. It was funny. So, yeah, I’ll be the sweaty one on tour.”

Danny Gokey: “I’m excited to do the full version of Michael Jackson’s Pretty Young Thing because I only got to do about a minute and 45 seconds on the show. I’m doing four songs. It starts with ‘P.Y.T.’ then I do a song with a Latin feel to it. The third song is a heartfelt ballad, and the last song is the inspirational song My Wish by Rascal Flatts. I want to end my set inspiring people. The song talks about living life without regrets, enjoying it for what it is and not being held down by personal tragedies.”

Adam Lambert: As we reported this week, Adam said, “I’m closing with a David Bowie medley that goes from Life on Mars into Fame into Let’s Dance. It’s doing major justice to the original Bowie intention behind them, but we’re adding synthy, dancey electronic elements to it. I’m wearing a custom-made blue, metallic silver bomber jacket with tails and spikes and studs by Skin Graft. They’ve hooked me up with some really sick fashion.”

Kris Allen: “Because I go last, I have nothing to do until later, but I’m so weird I’ll probably be watching from the wings anyway. I’m doing some songs from the show. I can say one: Hey Jude by the Beatles. It’s gonna be huge. I do five songs.”

Group Numbers: One of the group numbers will be Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Matt added, “We’ve classed up the group numbers. We have cool moves now. They’re not as cheesy as the group performances we did on the show.”

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