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The Bachelorette: Recently Ousted Mike Stagliano Speaks Out

July 02, 2009 12:32 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last Monday’s overly dramatic episode of The Bachelorette left us all with perplexed looks on our faces. Regardless of how we felt, no one was left more confused than ousted bachelors, Mike and Jesse, who were left out in the cold after Jillian decided to take back Ed and keep Wes the wannabee musician. Keep reading to find out what Mike had to say about all of this and more…

According to a report at Reality TV World, Stagliano said on a conference call, “I think actually in the Rose Ceremony I honestly put my hand up to ask [host] Chris Harrison, ‘I don’t understand. Is this legal? Doesn’t this kind of break the structure of the show?’ I really didn’t understand the concept of letting Ed go ahead and leave for about a month and then he’ll be back… I didn’t understand that.”

Stagliano added “at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what I think.” “More importantly, it’s all about Jillian,” he said. “If Jillian really cared for Ed and really liked him, then by all means, he should be back and be able to get a rose and continue on.”

So what does he think about all the Wes drama? “I honestly don’t know. I never talked to Wes at all. I never had any of that light shed on me, you know, whether or not he had a girlfriend,” Stagliano told reporters. “I do know — and I will stand by Wes until the day I die — that he is a really good guy. He’s getting edited kind of badly. He was there for the right intentions. But I’ve been pretty taken back by all this stuff.”

“I don’t think Jake’s a liar,” he added. “I think Jake probably heard something that was disconcerting and that he felt he needed to confront Wes about and tell Jillian about. I just don’t know whether it’s fact or fiction.”

With the return of Ed and all of the other drama that ensued, Mike says he knew his time was up. “I knew I was out. Honestly, I was like, ‘Okay, that’s my last straw.’ So when it got down to Jesse, Wes and I, I thought that Wes and I were going home 100%. Well, I shouldn’t say 100%,” clarified Stagliano, adding since he was unaware at the time of the whole Wes/ Jake confrontation. “Wes, I thought, very much had his foot in the door,” he said. “But I thought Jesse would get a rose over him.”

While Stagliano claimed earlier in the conference call that he never talked to Wes, he subsequently told reporters that the two did sit down at one point and discussed their intentions with Harris. “I was like, ‘Dude, what’s your deal? Aren’t you like a rock star? What are you doing here?’” recalled Stagliano. “He’s like, ‘Mike, I’ll tell you. I’m 32. I’ve been with a lot of girls, I’ve done the whole rock star thing and I’m ready to settle down.’ He was speaking the truth when he said that.”

As far as his tearful confession after being ousted, Mike said, “I think when you get out of the show there’s definitely a moment of, ‘Wait a minute. What was that?’ I think you have to admit that it’s a hyper-sensitive situation to meet someone. There’s no stress, there’s no bills coming in. You’re going on these wonderful dates. Jillian is the only girl that you see for six weeks or so. So that has to be stated.”

“She obviously would talk about that to me directly a few times. But I’m telling you, I never felt like she was older than me,” he explained of their almost five year age gap. “If anything, there were times when I was like, ‘This girl is more goofy than I am.’ She’s very young at heart. She’s got a lot of personality that I imagine I would not find in a lot of 29-year-olds — and I mean that as a compliment. I did kind of feel a romantic connection there, so it certainly wasn’t an issue for me. But for her, unfortunately, it probably was,” he said.

But of all the bachelors remaining, Mike thinks that Kiptyn will win her heart. “I think Kiptyn is a really, really good guy — very down to earth,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a lot of humor… He’s just very even keel, very mellow. He contrasts Jillian well, he has a great heart and he’s a good guy.”

So what about the upcoming Men Tell All show where he will get to see Jillian for the first time since the taping? “I’m really nervous to see her,” he said. “The last thing I did on the show — other than get dumped — was make-out with her. So kind of in my head I went out on a high note.”

However,his dating life in the real world isn’t quite as successful. “That’s my own fault. I’m like terrified of girls. I’m a disaster.”

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