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The Fashion Show: Tarot Card Design Challenge

July 02, 2009 01:32 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight onThe Fashion Show,the final six designers will be challenged with making cute lounge wear for their mini-challenge, which will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.Then things take a sudden turn toWeirdLand when thecontestants visit a psychic and then have to design an entire outfit around aTarot card. Pray tell, what kind of outfit comes to mind when you see acard with a bunch of plates on it? Keep reading to find out how the designers crawled their way out of this terribly strange challenge…

The designers are awoken by a special delivery from Isaac. They all open their boxes and discover a satin robe with a note that says: “fashion never sleeps, bring this robe to your challenge.” A fashion director from Saks stops by to help with the mini-challenge. They are to make cohesive lounge wear garments to compliment the robe. Some of them make some super ugly stuff, I’m not going to lie. We’re talking jumpsuits and dress/pant combos…


Again, Anna comes out on top. Then Isaac tells the designers to meet him on West 29th street – a riskay part of town. They arrive to receive a psychic reading. What? She is going to assess each designer after they choose a card. Poor James-Paul just thinks he’s going to die from all of the creepy energy, and Reco is afraid he’s going to leave possessed. She gives them all sorts of fluffy, no-brainer advice. Just when we think that this entire thing was a waste of time, Kelly and Isaac pop in to tell them they must create a look that embodies the card they chose. No seriously, what?


Merlin has the “six of swords” and is creating some sort of yellow peacoat on top of a sweat suit, which is baffling all the onlookers. Then he babbles on about how he is from Honduras and has never had any chances in life. Johnny is creating a one-shoulder shirt with a pleated neon green skirt. Perhaps I am not fashion-forward enough to understand the correlation between that and a card that has a bunch of plates on it? James-Paul has the “high priestess” card and is creating something that doesn’t look like it belongs in this realm.


The day of The Fashion Show, Merlin’s look is up first. Actually, his fitted sweat suit turns out sort of cute, and Reco’s ruffly pantsuit is gorgeous. Anna makes a beautiful red dress, while Daniella designed some kind of see through dress. Yuck. James’ dress definitely pushes boundaries, but not in a good way. Isaac did a lot of squinting when that came out. Johnny’s dress turns out to be a fifties housewife nightmare.

The top two looks were Anna and Reco’s. Oh snap! Looks like Reco isn’t hanging by a thread anymore. But regardless of how much they like it, Anna’s design is the winner.


Now it’s time for the losers and I guess that sweat suit wasn’t so cute after all. Merlin’s sweats and James’ outer-space dress are the bottom two. Someone said James’ dress was a cross between a curtain and a droopy diaper. Oh, that’s tragic. They thought that Merlin’s outfit looked juvenile, but he goes on and on about how young people like details. Again, I’m not seeing the correlation here.

In the end, kilt-wearing, accent-talking, conspiracy-forming, whining Merlin gets the boot. Now James is hanging by an itty bitty thread. Just one.

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One Response to “The Fashion Show: Tarot Card Design Challenge”

  1. labiscuit Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 11:05 am

    Good riddance, Merlin.

    James, you’re next! >:-)


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