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The Bachelorette: Jake Pavelka On Confronting Wes

July 04, 2009 12:34 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last week on The Bachelorette, we all breathed a sigh of relief when Jake Pavelka flew back to tell Jillian Harris that Wes was the one who had a girlfriend. Of course, Wes weaseled his way out of it as usual and Jillian recently defended her reasons for keeping him. Keep reading to get Jake’s take on all of this…

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Jake says that even though it played out that way, he isn’t sorry that he made the decision to tell Jillian the truth. “My reaction was that it is good that his family reacted that way. Families are supposed to be biased and protect their own,” the 31-year-old commercial pilot from Denton, TX tells ET. “I wasn’t surprised or hurt. I do care about Wes, and I know he is probably having a little bit of a hard time right now. I didn’t do it to hurt him. I did it to help Jillian and I had that discussion with her.”

Jake is standing by his words, even though Laurel Kagay, who is Wes’ alleged girlfriend, told PEOPLE that she and Wes are just friends.

“They had an agreement, and this came from Wes, that they were going to put the relationship on the backburner, so he could go on there and sell CDs,” Jake claims. “What I was wondering was: When all this comes into play, what [is Wes] going to do when it comes to the final two and you go behind locked doors? Is that okay with Laurel? Evidently, she has cleared him to kiss [Jillian], but I bet she is not okay with anything more.”

Despite receiving the news about Wes, Jillian still presented him with a rose at the end of Monday night’s episode, moving him forward in her search for love.

Jake gives ET his reason for what lots of folks perceive as a bad decision on Jillian’s part: “When you are falling in love, who is to say it is a bad decision? I think she is just following her heart. Some people just like a certain type. People tend to stick with what they are comfortable with and what they know. Sometimes you have to jump out of your skin. What I mean by that is the bad boys are going to keep women single. If that is what makes you comfortable, then it is an uphill battle to have one of those happily ever after-type relationships that everybody is after.”

So would Jake do it all again? Would he be the next Bachelor?

“After seeing how the show works, and seeing how much love the producers have [for the show], and how comfortable they make everything, I would consider it,” he tells ET.

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