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Denise Richards Says ‘Friends With Benefits Are Awesome’

July 05, 2009 03:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


In a recent interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, Denise Richards opened up about all sorts of things including her three breastsurgeries and her sex life. From the way it sounds, Denise has quite a few things in common with Angelina Jolie. Keep reading for the whole scoop…

As reported by Access Hollywood, Billy Bush asked Denise some tough questions in regards to her love life. “I interviewed Angelina Jolie years ago , she was single , and I asked, ‘What do you do about guys â⬔ you’ve got Maddox?’ , and she said, ‘I don’t want anybody in my life right now, but I do occasionally take some time off, a few hours, and go to a hotel, take a lover,’”he told Richards.

“Yep, I’m right there with her. Cause you don’t want to bring them home to your house, but as a woman who likes to have a good time as well, (and) has certain needs ,Yeah, I do the same thing,” Richards laughed.

WhenBush asked her if she has any friends with benefits, Richards responded, “Yes I do. Friends with benefits are awesome. I used to be like ‘Oh no, you have to be in a relationship!’ After going through a divorce, going through all this, I’m like, ‘Life is short, I wanna have a good time!’ When I meet ‘the one,’ I’ll be with him and it’ll be all good, but until then, you know, I like to have a good time.”

Of course, Richards did not cough up the identities of any said secret lovers… so that will just have to be left to your imagination.

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Photo Credit: Access Hollywood

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