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Here Come The Newlyweds: Bring On The Babies

July 06, 2009 10:20 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last week on Here Come The Newlyweds, the Hinkins were voted when the McMorrises had a change of heart. Tonight the final three couples will face their toughest challenge yet: babies. The newlyweds who gain immunity in tonight’s elimination challenge will choose who goes with them to the finals. Oh, I predict begging, and graveling, and perhaps a tearful confession or two. Keep reading to find out which two couples will battle it out for a half million dollars!

The Corlisses are put off by the McMorrises for acting so upset about The Hinkins departure, considering they are the ones who voted for them. The couple’s first challenge is to match up questions about their anniversary ten years from now.

This is all fun and games until they take it to another level. Pat tells the men that they’ll be made to look like they are 40 years older. Mrs. Corliss is weirded out thinking of her hubby as an old man with so many tattoos. Then she feels it necessary to reveal that her husband has a tattoo on his um, package? Mrs. McMorris makes a very timely and appropriate comeback of: “He didn’t give himself four stars?” The ladies are seated as their old, wrinkly husbands give them a Happy 40th Anniversary message.


All of the messages are quite sentimental, especially Kenny’s, and they make the girls cry. But then there’s Mr. Corliss comes out and just acts like he can’t remember anything. He also alludes to their future incarcerated son and something about how she needs to lay off the broccoli. I’m not positive, but it was the opposite of heartfelt. Later on, the girls are talking about the big vote and Mrs. McMorris says she feels there is tension between them all. The girls, of course, deny it and they all feel horrible about the decision tomorrow.

The couples meet together for their elimination challenge and Pat greets them with baby strollers. First, they must play a matching game and “agree” together on common decisions that new parents must make make. Then they have to make it through a baby obstacle course, where they have to complete several daily activities. Then they go out to their minivans, where they must change a tire, pack up the baby, and head to assemble a play pen. The Corlisses are about to lose their gosh darn minds. Oh wait, so is Kenny McMorris.


In the end, the McMorrises end up winning immunity. Pat blindsides the couples in a shocking twist, by asking the McMorrises if they want to take $50k in exchange for the safety. And in another shocking twist, they do not accept!

At dinner that night, all the couples say how much they love each other and no one wants to vote anyone out… blah, blah, blah. The McMorrises meet with each of the couples to hear their case, as the next morning they will decide their fate!


It’s D-day and the McMorrises stand before the couples and tell them that the couple they want to stay in the house with is the Corlisses. True to his British good manners, Mr. Newbery thanks Kenny for what he said and goes on to talk about how he is no longer materialistic because he’s found what truly matters in life.

Awwwwww. Puke.

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