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The Bachelorette: Jillian Does Spain!

July 06, 2009 07:07 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC’s The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris takes the remaining four bachelors, Reid, Ed, Wes, and Kiptyn to Spain to try and narrow it down to three finalists. Some viewers are seriously questioning Jillian’s ability to be a good judge of character at this point. She let Ed come back after he left previously due to work, and has repeatedly put Wes through to the next round regardless of warnings and red flags galore. Viewers were left shaking their heads and throwing things at the television screen last week after Jake told Jillian straight up that Wes has a girlfriend – and she still bought Wes’s lies – leaving Jake in frustrated tears! Will she get the real story this week? Off we go to Spain…

Jillian’s first date is with hottie Kiptyn, who is arguably one the best of the four bachelors left. She is paranoid that he is out of her league and maybe isn’t feeling as much as she is at this point. As they walk hand in hand through Madrid, Kiptyn becomes infinitely more intriguing by announcing that although he thinks things are great between them – a proposal still seems far off! Jillian is somewhat sour – she’s there to get engaged. But there’s nothing like a challenge – Jillian recovers from the blow, and flamenco lessons ensue! Afterward, Jillian declares her intention to take things to a whole new level that night!

Over dinner, a conversation about having children is derailed by the arrival of escargot. They both choke down a slug and quickly grab their wine to wash it down! Although things groove between the pair over the rest of the dinner, Jillian turns down the overnight card. Kiptyn respects her decision, and they make out anyway.


Jillian meets up with Reid for a date the next day. She is annoyingly giggly around the Chandler Bing lookalike. With astounding forethought, Jillian decides to take the hypochondriac germaphobe on a picnic – to eat food on the ground! They actually eat on a bench, and he seems to handle it well. Jillian is noticeably more relaxed, playful, and comfortable with Reid than with she was with Kiptyn. That night, Jillian dials up the grilling of Reid, who is also momentarily saved by the arrival of seafood! When the overnight card arrives, she again declines with a giggle. Reid adorably expresses jealousy toward the other guys, joking that he’ll sabotage their dates!

Next on The Bachelorette, it’s time for Jillian to hang out with returning bachelor Ed in Ibiza. Ed has some ground to make up after taking off earlier in the series in favor of remaining employed. They candidly discuss the situation; with Jillian telling Ed she may not have had the balls to do what he did! The Brady-esque Ed talks for his life in a horse-drawn carriage, and scores a kiss from Jillian, and another, and another. In fact, explaining that she and Ed share amazing chemistry, Jillian proceeds to kiss Ed all over Ibiza – even in a water fountain – much to the amusement of the locals!

Ed leaps right in at dinner by asking Jillian if she would consider moving to Chicago! Saying all the right things, Ed follows up by declaring that he feels they would be a great couple that would stay together for a long, long time – and he adores kids! In spite of this great showing, Jillian once again turns down the overnight date card – however – when he points out that he hasn’t logged as much time as the others – she changes her mind!


For the last Spain date, Wes is ‘fired up’ to meet Jillian in Barcelona. Jillian is certain that bike riding will get them back on track. They share a picnic in a gazebo, where Jillian wryly notes that Wes is sitting as far from her as he can get! When Jillian starts talking about where they would live if they were a couple, Wes comments on a bird with no leg, and spills his drink! It’s a very awkward situation, with no romance!

Later, Wes shows up for their beautiful dinner wearing jeans with a big hole in them! Jillian grills him on having a girlfriend and about trying to further his career. He defends himself, but this time she calls him on not showing affection. When she asks straight out if he feels like she does, Wes tells her he is looking out for himself – numero uno. Jillian pushes more, asking what he said to Jake about Laurel. Wes begins, “I told him my girlfriend,” Jillian sighs. The overnight card arrives, and he actually has the nerve to say they should spend the night together in the fantasy suite! Jillian shows him to a car, telling the camera that she realizes he has a girlfriend and has ridden this out as long as he can, and that she actually feels more sorry for him right now than for herself!

As Jillian approaches the location for the rose ceremony, Kiptyn tells the other guys if it’s him to leave, keep it real. Wes smirks, and says if it’s him that goes, they should know he’ll be back home having lots of sex! What a pig! Jillian arrives and gives roses to Ed, Reid, and Kiptyn. At long last, Jillian has come to her senses and kicks Wes’s slimy butt back to Texas!

In the limo, Wes pats himself on the back for being the only guy in the history of The Bachelorette to make it to the final four with a girlfriend, says his acting days are over, and plans his future fame and fortune – ugh.

Jillian tells Reid, Kiptyn, and Ed that they’re going to Hawaii next week!

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