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The Bachelorette: Wes’ Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

July 06, 2009 06:28 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last week was adrama packedepisode of The Bachelorettewhen Jake Pavelka came back to warn Jillian Harris that Wes had a girlfriend. Of course, Wes ended up smooth talking his way into another week, but what does his alleged girlfriend have to say about all this? PEOPLE recently caught up with Laurel Kagay to get her take on the situation…

As Laurel was watching The Bachelorettelast week, she was just as shocked as anyone to watch Jake’s surprise confrontation. “I was like, ‘What?’” Laurel, 29, tells PEOPLE. “There was this pause before he said my name â⬔ and then he said it quite a few times.”

Laurel, whodated Wes for three years, she says their relationship turned to friendship a year ago. “I’m absolutely not with Wes, nor would I be with Wes if he were going on a show to be with another girl,” she says. “That’s absolutely crazy.”

So how did Jake get things mixed up? “I think he was definitely upset about not being on the show anymore,” she says. “And I think Wes did say something about his ex-girlfriend. Maybe he said he still cares about me or whatever. Maybe he talked a little too much about me, and Jake just blew that into something else.”

However, Laurel admits, “We are really good friends and we do go out to lunch together, so I could see how people could think we’re together.”

Laurelalso adds that she isexcited to see what happens to him this season. However, she says, “They have not shown Wes’s real personality at all. He’s so funny. When I was in a relationship with him, we were always laughing and having fun. And I never worried about him cheating on me.”

Furthermore, she thinks Jillian and Wes could work. “She seems to have fun and has a good personality,” Laurel says, “and he’s really fun and funny. Too bad all this craziness had to go down.”

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