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America’s Got Talent 07/07/09: Los Angeles Auditions

July 07, 2009 07:34 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight the judges from America’s Got Talentheadedto Los Angeles hoping to see all of the glitz, the glamor and talent that was the usual for this star studded city. Would they get what they were hoping for or would they be sadly disappointed?


First in tonight was a 20 year old singer hoping that he would be the first in Los Angeles to be given the opportunity to go to Vegas tonight. As he walked out David Hasselhoff had a little laugh going on. Nasty Nate stays at home with his mama for a living…hmmm. His rendition of Tina Turner’s Simply The Best hurt my ears more than my animal deterrent machine. Nasty dissed David Hasselhoff when he was told that he was simply the worst. He was sent packing. The star studded start was not happening and it continued on with the next performers. Tinseltown was turning into crazy town and the judges needed a break.


After the break, there were still plenty of acts ready to take the stage. David Hasselhoff suited up in his Baywatch gear hoping to save a few lives and a few careers tonight. With the energy injection from the Hoff the talent was ready to give it their all. Foot Works Fitness came out next doing a step routine andwas given a big NO. Even the Hoff couldn’t save the talent in Los Angeles.

The day seemed to be going from bad to worst until Terry the 39 year old nurse came out hoping to pull some heart and emotion out of the judges. She was the 7th cousin to Celine Dion and as she sang one of her songs, Sharon Osbourne just about fell over as she buzzed her off. It was the worst day in the history of America’s Got Talent as not one person made it through in Los Angeles.

The second day hopefully would be better than the first in Los Angeles. First in was Bri a 17 year old singer who used singing to help her with her stuttering problem as a child. As she played the keyboard and sang it was evident that her problem was licked. She was amazing! She was burning up the stage and was off to Vegas. Piers Morgan was thrilled and said that she has raw talent. Her look reminded me of Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Finally there was some talent in Los Angeles.


The next session led them to an act that proved that good things come in small packages. T.J and the Little Mamas performed a hip hop routine for the judges that was full of energy. The choreography was fantastic for kids aged 6. They were headed to Vegas.

The talent kept coming on to the stage. Miss Germany, the fire eater was sent through, along with Janice Martin the aerial violist and the Scott brothers street entertainers.

The next act was unique. Toe dancer Monsieur Pedicure put his toe on stage dressed with wig and all and was booed off the stage by the audience. This had to be the worst act in history.

Husband and wife team Mario and Jennifer were hoping to sweep America by storm with their act. The intensity and danger behind their performance was incredible. They had come to play according to David Hasselhoff. Sexy met dangerous asMario chainsawed his way through piece after piece of wood and then proceeded to juggle chainsaws! Do you think this act was off to Vegas? Oh ya! What a powerful performance.

For some acts tonight it had been the greatest day of their lives, while others had their hopes crushed. The last actof the eveningwas Lawrence the delivery man, whose whole life teetered on this moment. He sang That Old Man River. His range was out of this world. After a standing ovation from the audience, he was off to Vegas! He cried tears of joy and Nick Cannon said, “Wow, that is a voice!” Lawrence had left a lasting impression as the judges and the audience left the theatre!

Tomorrow night America’s Got Talent returns at 9 PM ETon NBC.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent 07/07/09: Los Angeles Auditions”

  1. sharebear Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 11:01 am

    I was in the audience and I agree Mario and Jennifer were pretty awesome. Good-looking people, nice patter, and the guy juggled chainsaws! I totally thought he was going to die. Bri had an amazing voice. The toe guy was just too weird. It was a great experience being able to see it live! Thanks, Mr. Cross!


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