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Dance Your Ass Off: Burn Baby Burn

July 07, 2009 12:06 AM by Cindy Adams


Last week the Dance Your Ass Off contestants lost 85 pounds dancing and swaying to the beat. This week they hit the floor disco style and really shake their groove things!

All of the other DancyYour Ass Off contestantswere calm and chill in the loft, but Alicia began to freak out about her dance. She said being in 7th place last week made her feel like she was back in school being tortured by her classmates. That makes sense, but what she did next was a little crazy!

She started screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing pillows. Then she headed over to the Dance Your Ass Off cheat cabinet and threw all of the goodies in the trash! Oh no! She said the junk food represented everything bad anyone had said to her in the past. The rest of the contestants looked shocked at first, but then helped her lug the huge garbage bag of decadence outside.


Tara had some issues this week too. She injured her knee during rehearsal and almost didn’t make it to dance night. But, she was a trooper and Dr. Huizenga gave her the okay to dance.


The dancing began with Karla and Jull who danced to “Funkytown.” Karla looked really great in green, but the judges said she had the second show blues. Her total average score was 5.3 and she lost 2.66% of her body weight, so her total was 7.96. Overall, Karla has lost 13.9 pounds.


Shayla and Mario were up next and danced to Diana “Upside Down.” Shayla looked hot and danced like a natural. The judges said she was sexy, smooth, and nailed it. She got a great score of 7 and her percentage of body weight lost was 1.34, for a total score of 8.34. Shayla has lost 7.6 pounds since the show started.


Miles and Michelle danced to “Shake Your Groove Thing.” Miles was really great, but the judges said he looked down way too much. His average score was 6.7, and he lost 2.9% of his body weight for a total score of 7.84. Miles has lost a total of 9.8 pounds over the past two weeks.


Mara and Paul got down to Rick James’ “Super Freak.” Sorry, but Mara looked like a super freak in the costume they gave her! But, the dance was really comical, so maybe that was the point. The only problem was the UK judge, Danny, thought the routine was all “ham” and “no content.” Mara’s average was 7.3, and she lost 1.25% of her body weight for a total score of 8.55. Mara has lost a total of 9.8 pounds so far.


Ruben and Hilary danced to “Turn the Beat Around.” Ruben was so good he got a standing ovation from the audience. He did a ton of lifts and got an average total of 7.7 from the judges. His percentage of body weight lost was 1.70, and his total score was a whopping 9.4. He’s lost a total of 19 pounds! Go Ruben!


Pinky and Mr. Lucky (still don’t get his name) were next on the dance floor and shook it to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” The judges said she has more potential, but needs to do more than breaking. Her average score was 6.7 and she lost a total of 1.41% of her body weight. Her total score was 8.11 and she has lost a total of 5 pounds.


Alicia and Italo danced to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” This was just plain painful to watch! She looked like she was walking instead of dancing. Awkward! Her average score was 5.3, and her percent of body weight lost was 1.12, so her total score was 6.42. Overall, Alicia has lost 10.3 pounds.


Trice and Jesus danced to “I Love the Nightlife.” She was so confident and it showed! Her attitude was great and the judges gave her an average of 7.3. She lost 1.02% of her body weight and her total score was 8.32. Trice has lost an impressive 14.1 pounds.


Tara put her twisted knee aside and danced with Michael to “Brick House.” She smiled the whole time even though she was probably in pain. Her average score was 5.7, with 1.63% lost in body weight, for a total of 7.33. Tara has lost a total of 8.3 pounds.


Warren and Brandon lost the least amount of weight, so they danced last.

Warren and Sarah danced to Rod Stewart’s “Da ya think I’m sexy?” He gave it his all, but Warren just hasn’t got any rhythm and keeps opening his mouth like a fish when he dances. Lisa thought he looked “hot,” but his overall total was only 5. His total percent of body weight lost was .90, but overall he has lost a total of 14.7 pounds.


Brandon and Yesenia danced to “That’s the Way (I Like It).” Brandon was hot and really brought it. The end was great as innocent Brandon basically had his face in the dancer’s crotch! What?! His average score was 7.3, and he lost .66% of his body weight for a total score of 7.96. Brandon has lost 5.1 pounds to date.


Sadly, big teddy bear Warren ended up with the lowest score and went home.


Next week get ready for the contestants to shake their money makers when they work the stripper poleâ⬔yes, that’s right, the stripper pole,

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