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America’s Got Talent 07/08/09: The Lonestar State Revisted

July 08, 2009 07:48 PM by Paulene Hinds


It’s time to unleash the talent! The judges have headed back to the Lonestar state of Houston tonight and everybody there was bursting with pride and waiting to perform for the crowd. America’s Got Talent was about to be shocked and surprised tonight as the talent and lack of the same, came out hoping to vy for a chance to perform in Las Vegas and a cash prize of one million dollars.


As the judges were introduced, David Hasselhoff came out tonight decked in country boy gear and the audience went wild. Back in the holding room the contestants were warming up for the judges. The first act tonight was the singing act of the Texas Tenors. They had put the group together three months ago and were hoping to head off to Vegas. They weren’t bad for only three months of practicing and the audience loved them. Their Texan flavor was off to Vegas.

Next in was someone who was sure that he had what it takes. Bruce, the handyman was ready to perform his talent that he has had for over 40 years. He was a hand sound maker and tried to play Yankee Doodle, but was quickly buzzed off the stage. As the auditions continued the buzzers sure got a real workout. The judges felt that they would go completely crackers with the lack of talent that they were witnessing tonight from a poor burlesque routine to a revolting man who hung weights from his nipples.


The crowd continued to arrive to show off their skills, but the talent just kept going down hill. One group of performers believed that they could take what they loved and make it work for them. Acrodunk showed the judges that they could do amazing acrobatics and slam dunk basketballs at the same time. It was a fantastic show! David Hasselhoff said that they had seen many hunks in trunks try to do dunks, but these guys were by far the best ever! Off to Vegas the hunks in trunks go. Acrodunk got the search for superstars back on track and the judges were smiling again.

The talent was getting hot outside and down in the theatre the acts were on fire. Eclipse the waiter at the Olive Garden came out and rapped his way to Vegas along with Anna the fire belly dancer. It was all going well in Texas.

One little princess, Aliesha, was hoping to win so she could take most of her family members on a trip to Hawaii. She sang Proud Mary and played the piano as well. The bubbly little ball of joy worked it out for the judges and the crowd. The judges were not sure what to do with her as she had a lot of work to do on her singing. Sharon Osbourne told her no, but David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan loved her funny side and personality. She didn’t even mind that Sharon Osbourne said no as she said someone had to say no and she was ready to deal with it.

Down in Houston the talent had been smokin’ and the singing duo Times Two was hoping to keep up the heat. They had been singing since they were 4 years old. Their voices belnded so well together and they had great showmanship, playing the crowd with their sexy moves. They were heading to Vegas and made their Grandma proud.

Next in to face the judgeswas one lady who was about to show that it is never to late to chase your dreams. 75 year old Grandma Lee hit the stage to show the crowd that you should continue to dream. Her comedian act was raw and super funny. Piers Morgan told her that she may be his favorite contestant this season and she said she would do him and then asked him, “Whose your grandma?” He was smitten and shocked at the same time. She was off to Vegas.

It was the end of the auditions here in Houston and stay at home mom Barbara never gave up her dream of being a singer. She was here on the biggest talent show in the world and she was close to doing something that she was dreaming of. She was an Opera singer and gave me goosebumps when she sang. She received a standing ovation from the crowd, David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne. Piers Morgan asked her how she felt about her performance and she said that she believed in miracles as she is a cancer survivor and has been in remission for five years. She said when you have hope you keep going! She was off to Vegas with a massive one hundred percent YES!Barbara shared her blessing with the world tonight and her inspirational performance was a perfect ending to the auditions in Houston.

Next Tuesday,America’s Got Talent returns at 9 PM ETon NBC.

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