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So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 Perform

July 08, 2009 07:27 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance opened with Cat Deeley in a simple black dress to start the hunt for the Top 10 dancers and after introducing the Top 12 and guest judge, Tyce Diorio, Cat said that Doriana Sanchez choreographed a Disco for Ade and Melissa to start off the show.

The duo came out like firecrackers and wooed the crowd and the judges with Nigel saying it was terrific and Mary giving a scream of delight. Tyce added that it was “Frickin great” and gave the couple high marks for execution.

Mia Michaels had the next task with Kopono and Kayla doing a contemporary dance about addiction. Of course anything Mia Michaels does has got an aspect of beauty to it but would Kopono and Kayla pull it off? They seemed to tell the story but Nigel was concerned about Kayla’s hair in her face but said that it was a brilliant routine. Mary said that Kopono’s intensity was incredible and Kayla was growing each and every week. Tyce added that he was enjoying an experience and not just dance steps.


Jason and Caitlyn had the duty of a Fox Trot and Jason looked really strong with some of the lifts he had with Caitlyn and both seemed to light up the dance floor. Nigel said it was a very gentle routine; Mary said it was tremendous tonight and Tyce added that they looked like stars and that they captured the essence of the dance.

A Russian folk dance was given to Phillip and Jeanine and judging how Phillip looked dressed up as a Russian, we might be in for an interesting ride. Poor Phillip looked like a fish out of water and it was probably the weakest dance of the evening so far although he had some interesting Russian kicks. Nigel confirmed my suspicions and said it was not so good. Mary said Jeanine was convincing in the dance but that there were right highlights in the routine. Tyce took a different tact and said that there were more bright spots than not in the routine.


Randi and Evan did a Hip-Hop routine that was about bithin’ babies, I think, from Napoleon and Tabitha and you can never not like routines the perfectly matched duo does. Nigel was funny as he discussed the theme of the choreography this season and said that they were one of his favorite couples. Mary said they did a great job and Tyce complimented the story-telling of the routine but that they needed to find more, whatever that meant.

Brandon and Jeanette were doing a tango and they certainly had the presence as Brando is certainly stacking up as one to beat towards the end. Even Janette commanded the dance floor as this was shaping up as a tough week to judge. Nigel said nothing for a moment and then just stood and clapped as did Mary and Tyce with Nigel adding that it was close to perfection on the SYTYCD stage.


Melissa and Ade’s final performance together was a waltz as Cat Deeley explained that the couples would be broken up for the finals i.e. the Top 10. Ade and Melissa seemed to relish the final performance together and Nigel said the performance played to their strengths. Mary added that it was so beautiful for her and that the lifts looked effortless. Tyce finished by saying that Melissa looked beautiful and that Ade looked like he wasn’t even working.

Kopono and Kayla’s last dance together was a Broadway number about two crazy kids who fall in love at first sight, a far cry for the drug addiction routine they opened with. Nigel was not so kind to Kopono but loved Kayla and Mary said that they did a really good job with it Tyce, who is a Broadway guy, said that the choreography from West Side Story is timeless and said that they did great as a couple.


Jason and Caitlyn’s second dance was a Mandy Moore routine that looked to impress with the contemporary style that seemed to suit them both. Nigel was very impressed with the duo; Mary said that there was not as much magic with the routine as she would have hoped for and Tyce added that the couple was in sync with each other but that they need to take it further. There he goes again.

Phillip and Jeanine were doing a little Jive to try to stay out of the bottom three on the heels of their Russian mis-step. This was much better than the Russian Thing as they definitely had the audience behind them as were the judges as Nigel called them terrific even calling Phillip his best routine to date. Mary said that she could guarantee that Jeanine would be here next week and that Phillip redeemed himself and summarily gave them a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train. Tyce finished by saying that everyone should call 1-888-fan-frickin-tastic which I believe is too many numbers.


Randi and Evan finished with a Samba for their last dance together and they were as sexy as one could imagine. Randi continued to show how strong she was and Nigel said that even though Evan was not a hot Samba king but that Randi is definitely hot. Mary disagreed with Nigel and said they were fabulous but that Evan didn’t go the extra mile. Tyce followed up on Mary’s critique of Evan but too, got on the “Randi is awesome” bandwagon.

Brandon and Jeanette finished strong with a Wade Robson number that really showcased the couple’s individual strengths and Nigel said that they do everything brilliantly and they should get the most votes tonight. Mary said that they saved the best for last and Tyce added that they had that “Thing” and did everything excellent.

Tomorrow we lose two more and after tonight it will be hard to see who that will be but I guess America will have the final say.

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