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So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Chosen

July 09, 2009 07:41 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance opened with the usual most excellent dance as the last one as the Top 12 and we will learn who will be in the Top 10 and will go on the summer tour. Host, Cat Deeley, talked to the judges where Nigel announced that there would be no Michael Jackson tribute as they could not get musical clearance and Mary and Tyce gave a spiel on who will be going on and why. Well, not who but more why the ones who go one would be doing so. Wait now I am confused.

Cat Deeley called the first two couples out, Jason and Caitlyn and Brandon and Janette and it was a foregone conclusion that Brandon and Janette were safe. I mean come on.

The second two couples to learn their fate were Evan and Randi and Phillip and Jeanine and it was really a toss-up here, but Phillip and Jeanine were sent to the bottom three to dance for their lives.


The third two couples to learn if they were dancing for their lives were Ade and Melissa and Kopono and Kayla and both were strong in one of their routines. Cat Deeley announced that Kopono and Kayla were safe, sending Ade and Melissa to the bottom three.

The six did their solo dances and Nigel had already announced that the total body of work that the dancers brought to the competition would be used to make a determination, which was code for “Unless you do something pretty darn convincing we know who is toast already.”


The judges went to deliberate and singer Kelly Rowland with some back-up dancers who made up some dance in the back ground. I mean to tell you, a lot of these background dancers would not last five minutes in the competition.

Nigel called the girls forward first and announced that Caitlyn was leaving but that she was tremendous, leaving Jeanine and Melissa in the Top 10.


Nigel announced that the guys staying were Ade and Jason, leaving Phillip going home but in a very magnanimous gesture, Nigel announced that both Phillip and Caitlyn were indeed going on tour with the Top 10.

So, next week, we will have different pairings and there will be no more couples being judged but individuals.

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